Best Way to Repost Instagram Stories & User-Generated Content Best Way to Repost Instagram Stories & User-Generated Content
News    06/20/2019

Best Way to Repost Instagram Stories & User-Generated Content

Do you know how to repost user-generated content on your Instagram Stories? Follow the guide to make your Instagram stories bright, engaging, and beneficial for your audience.

4 Tips for Reposting Instagram Stories & UGC

Filling your feed with great and engaging content on a daily basis is a big deal but you can repost your Instagram stories and share user-generated content. Did you know that on social media particularly on Instagram user-generated content is considered more reliable (50%) than other types of media? It is equivalent to a word of mouth that your customers generate on social media.

User-generated content is also more valuable because around 75 percent of consumers make their purchasing decision by users reviews that help you make more sales and increase reliability. Let’s talk about some tips for reposting Instagram stories and user-generated content to take it up to notch. Let’s get into it!

Repost a User’s Instagram Post to Your Instagram Stories:

When you see a good post on the Instagram feed that is shared by other users, you’d like to share it on your page. You can share the post of your loyal fan to your Instagram stories who use your branded hashtag or tag your brand in the post. In order to repost your user’s content to your stories, all you need to hit the paper airplane button.

Repost other Instagram stories to Your Instagram Stories:

If you want to repost the stories of your fans or other users to your Instagram stories then you need to be mentioned or tagged in that post. The good thing is that whenever someone tags or mention you in the post, Instagram will send you a notification in your DM inbox.

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Repost Your Customers’ Reactions:

Rejoice the excitement of your new product launch by sharing your customer’s reactions to your Instagram stories. It is a great way to share UGC on Instagram stories and keep your new product alive in the mind of your fans. It is a great chance to share real reactions and opinions of the customers on your products also.

Repost Press Coverage:

Press coverage is a big moment for brands, in fact, it is a big milestone. This is perhaps something that you have been working for a long time. If you have made it, you can repost these memorable moments to Instagram stories and let them listen to your praises from others. Although reposting UGC to your stories on Instagram is a great idea but don’t neglect your brand aesthetic.

When you are going to design your user-generated stories, you need to incorporate your brand logo, color, theme, and templates, etc. that represent your brand.


You will be able to reach a whole new audience, showcase your products and content to your fans, engage with your community, get more views and new followers on Instagram without buying Instagram followers by reposting user-generated content to your Instagram stories feed.

But you need to make your stories bright, engaging, fun and captivating with repost UGC to entice more people. All you need to focus on growing and evolving Instagram stories strategy. These tips will surely add value to your stories feeds.  

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