SEO for Podcasts – Smart Guidelines That Help SEO for Podcasts – Smart Guidelines That Help
News    11/13/2019

SEO for Podcasts – Smart Guidelines That Help

Do you want more listeners for your brand? If yes, then add more discoverability to the podcasts. To a few SEO experts, this entire initiative might appear like a problem for getting Google to rank your brand and its podcasts highly to gain more listeners.

It is here that you can put SEO to use in your favor! It will enable Google and the major search engines have access to your podcasts so that it gets highlighted in multiple search outcomes.

The process might appear to be slow at the start, but gradually you will see the best results. It is because SEO is a slow but successful process to gain more visibility.

However, getting the job done all by yourself is not a smart idea! You need to get in touch with the best SEO service provider. If you don’t have one yet, you can log online and search for “SEO Company near me” and choose from the best names in the list.

Some of the easy steps that SEO companies will suggest you make the podcasts more discoverable are:

  • Concentrate on one keyword every episode

Single podcast episodes shouldn't get cramped with excess keywords. You need to narrow down to one keyword, which is the primary focus. You can also choose one or two more keywords that are relevant to the episode.

However, ensure that you stick one main keyword, which you can repeat without appearing forced and add it organically in the podcast content. If you are linking this podcast with blog content, use the keyword there as well.

Also, if you are interviewing someone in your podcast, you can inform the person about the keyword, as well. It will pronounce the keyword presence even more and make the podcast appear in search results.

  • Get the best titles

Make sure that the podcast title, as well as the single episodes, is a match! There needs to be some connection; else, it will appear bizarre. Make sure that the titles are not very wordy. Make use of short, keyword-focused titles that are unique, compelling, and descriptive in a smart way. It will appeal to a vast audience that way.

If the title is too wordy, you might miss out on the youth, who today form the most significant consumer base of podcasts. If you can make your podcast appeal to the youth, you've won a huge battle.

  • Make podcasts regularly

Similar to website content, there needs to be some regularity with the podcast content as well. You can’t be posting erratically. Also, if you post podcasts regular for a month and two and suddenly go away for three months, it will not add to a good podcast SEO practice. You must approach this practically. You need to check your feasibility as well.

Determine the interval at which you can share the podcasts with quality content. Posting for the sake of it will fail eventually. Once you've figured out the interval and podcast posting frequency, you need to get regular about it and not break the cycle.

  • You might want to have a blog or page for every episode

You must have a blog or page for every podcast episode. Also, the web page's URL should carry the episode title, which comprises the primary keyword, as well.All these pages will be instrumental in advertising the podcast episodes and be the base for the listeners to search and come across the podcast in various directories. They might even download the podcast from the website directly.

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  • Conduct a keyword research

The basic SEO rules apply for podcast SEO, as well. Go ahead and do keywords research for the podcast. Some reports suggest that keywords are gradually losing their significance on search engines. Hence, it is necessary to research and choose the exact keywords that you wish to use in both the episodes and the titles.

Make sure that these keywords work for the podcast and your brand, as well. Once you get into podcast keyword research, you know the probable outcome and unlock valuable insights as well.

  • Include smart Meta descriptions

Every webpage on your site should carry an intelligent Meta description. Simply put, Meta description is usually short. Hence, make sure that you add the keyword once, at least along with a few sentences that elucidates what your webpage is all about.

The main objective of this is to draw in people's attention to the site, with what people get to see about it in the search outcomes. Smart and robust Meta descriptions also enable you to get the best links on Google and other search engines.

  • You need to get concerned about the tags and categories

As you submit the podcast to a blog or directory, you need to consider the tags and categories. Podcast tagging and blogging about the same are essential. It will showcase the content to those users who search for similar content.

Categories and tags usually vary from one directory to the other. However, it can act as a useful shortcut to rank for a specific set of keyword searches.

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  • You can submit the podcast to directories

It is one of the most popular podcast SEO practices that SEO professionals and agencies will recommend to you. It plays an essential part in getting you the best rank in Google. It also enables in getting increased click-through rates. Submitting the podcasts to specific directories is not enough.

You also need to search for the blog directories and check out new ways to promote the podcast and each episode. Smart promotion tactics will enable you to generate a backlink to the content. And this, in turn, will again boost your online page rank. 

Similar to SEO content, the main object of a podcast is to reach its target audience or online users at large. Hence, you need to tweak the standard SEO tactics and apply them depending on how podcasts work.

You also need to know how the youth and others perceive a podcast. It will enable you to come up with some smart SEO tactics other than what an SEO agency provides.

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