Social Media Basics for Home Builders, Remodelers and Contractors Social Media Basics for Home Builders, Remodelers and Contractors
News    10/22/2019

Social Media Basics for Home Builders, Remodelers and Contractors

Social media for home-builders remodelers and contractors has become more important than ever. These social platforms maximize the chance to meet a new lead, research more about the target audience, and know more about audience buyer’s journey.

Some social media basics can help you to bring your phone as much as you want it to. There are many people out there who need contracting or remodeling services.

Social media helps you to turn the tides and connect these online customers. With the right digital strategy, you can transform your website into sale generating medium. Let’s dive in to learn some basics of social media for home builders, remodelers, and contractors.

How social media help to grow home building, remodeling, and contracting business?

Social media grows at the fastest pace. Every day more and more companies join social media to expand their services. If your digital strategy is not helping you to gain more followers, there are still so many reasons to stay active in your social networks.

The foremost reason for being active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn is that their importance will not be going to end. And it is a free opportunity. Therefore, you must keep on trying to grow your business.

When social media becomes effective?

Social media will not work as it supposed to when you are not appealing to the audience with your content. The purpose of being on social media is to show what you can do.  Homebuilders, contractors, and remodelers must create content that can engage the audience and help them build a cohesive community. 

Responding to customers/followers makes them realize that you care about them, and this little effort can stick them around, and they keep on engaging and may refer to more people to your brand.

Social media humanizes the brand

Social media is an excellent form of communication between you and your customers. However, relatable, unique and engaging content is the key to thrive in the digital landscape.

Make sure to set a perfect aesthetics and post content that can help your audience to recognize you and they crave for future posts. Your content should showcase the value of your brand or services.

  •  You can use social media to connect more potential customers. Create home-walk through videos, or gorgeous and catchy photos that can help you to get more leads.
  • Social media provides you an opportunity to guide the audience more about the services you are offering.

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Social media generates brand awareness

Social media put a face to your faceless brand. It helps people know that your brand exists, and they can purchase services. It builds a sound and trustworthy contractor image in front of your audience. It establishes a legitimacy. Hence people will start relying more on your services. There are certain things you must consider the following:

  • Makes sure to provide the real image of the contractor or builder.
  • Provide the right name and active contact detail, including email and phone.
  • Promote your brand with the quality and relevant content. It is better to post twice a day.

It is okay to get off track sometimes. You can post that has nothing to do with your brand. It could be a quote, your holiday pictures, or anything that provides people a chance to get to know more about the man behind the brand.

Facebook and Instagram are the two leading platforms. Some startups often Buy Instagram Followers UK to kickstart their journeys. It makes their profile look more authentic and genuine.

How to use Instagram effectively for home builders, contractors, and remodelers:

Instagram is not gradually rising; instead, it is the quickest growing social media platform ever. Instagram has made it easy for contractors, builders, and remodelers to showcase their stunning videos or photos to captivate the target audience.

Over 80% of businesses are on Instagram, and over 82% of people follow the brand of their choice in this platform. Once you leverage Instagram, it can help you to reach out to more audiences and in generating more building and renovating deals.

Create an Instagram profile

Download the app and create a free account. Follow the steps Instagram has laid out to convert your profile into a business profile. You can add more social links to your Instagram handle and add the website link to the bio.

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What should home builders or contractor share on Instagram?

Instagram is the largest photo-sharing platform. It will help if you consider sharing branded and relevant content daily in order to show up your brand in people’s searches. It is recommendable to share beautiful and professional photography.

Instagram is also the perfect place to share behind the scenes posts, stories, and videos. It will help if you don't forget the importance of hashtags as it enables you to reach target audience.

Take some time out to interact with your customers through direct messages, comments, and stories

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