The Rise of Sundar Pichai - Sundar Pichai becomes the CEO of Alphabet The Rise of Sundar Pichai - Sundar Pichai becomes the CEO of Alphabet
News    12/05/2019

The Rise of Sundar Pichai - Sundar Pichai becomes the CEO of Alphabet

Curious to know about the life of Sundar Pichai? Read the article below to know about his journey from Chennai to California.

Google's progenitor company, i.e., Alphabet, has now a new CEO, and it's none other than the company's head of Products and Engineering, Chennai-born Pichai Sundararajan (Sunder Pichai)

YES! This multiskilled man will now drive both the respected companies GOOGLE and the parent company ALPHABET. That's really amazing!

In 2004, Sundar Pichai had joined the company Google, and since then, he has set a benchmark on its own genre.

He made all the effort to make Chrome as the top web browser among all, and his dedication & success led him to achieve the post of CEO of Google- The renowned company.

While you were taking a sweet nap, hours ago, 47 yr aged Pichai became the CEO of the parent company ‘Alphabet’ (Group that owns Google).

Since 2015 when the renowned company announced about creating many different entities like Google, Waymo, Verily, Loon, and more. Pichai was already holding the position of CEO at ‘Google’. The company also stated to put these entities under ‘Alphabet’.

Well, a piece of good news is that Pichai is now be leading both the organizations and he is now a big boss in the group.

Both the founders of Google i.e., Sergey Brin & Larry Page, are taking a step back. Sergey Brin is no longer the president of parent company Alphabet, while Larry Page has resigned from the post of CEO.

Sunder Pichai, who has been with the company for 15 years, has now stepped up one more triumph in his career.

Another skill of Google's new CEO is while thinking and implementing, he tries to do something ahead of the curve, and see here's the result that he is now a CEO of Alphabet company.

This multiskilled man was trained in metallurgy & materials sciences at IIT Kharagpur & Stanford, while he did his Masters in Business at Wharton. But, he was deeply immersed in the electronics world.

At one time, when there was no course on electronics in our curriculum, "Mr Pichai was doing work in the field of electronics," says one of his colleague professors.

The founders of Google undoubtedly recognized that Mr. Pichai was an evangelical-type man who meant for pushing the boundaries of technology.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, also saluted the man of honors, Mr. Pichai, on his appointment as Google CEO.


  • Sundar Pichai was born in a middle-class family at Madurai. Once, he revealed that he achieved C grade in one of his papers when he was studying at IIT Kharagpur.

  • In the year 2004, he joined Google and became CEO of Google in 2015.

  • The Google founders i.e., Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are now stepping back from their job responsibilities at the parent company Alphabet. 

  • Now, Pichai will be the CEO of Alphabet.

So, what are you up to? "Wear your failure as a badge of honors!" said Sunder Pichai.

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