SE2: Most Promising & Ever Growing Tech-Focused Company SE2: Most Promising & Ever Growing Tech-Focused Company
News    08/21/2019

SE2: Most Promising & Ever Growing Tech-Focused Company

The goal of SE2 is to help insurance companies understand what their customers want, do so at an affordable cost, and then get it to them in the most direct & simple manner.

Tech Company SE2 Is a Force to Reckon with As It Experiences an Incredible Amount of Growth

It’s no secret that the tech industry is one that has been enjoying growth for quite some time now, with new companies popping up and new innovations on what can seem like a daily basis. But even with this period of growth and interest in the industry, you don’t always come across a company that has been changing quite as rapidly as SE2. In a span of just two years the company has doubled the number of employees it has in order to keep up with the demand that it has experienced.

Tech Industry SE2

So what has led to this incredible period of growth within SE2 and does the future continue to look as bright for this tech company? Well, there are a number of factors involved.

What Exactly Is SE2?

For those unfamiliar with SE2, the company describes itself as a "purpose-built, reliable, end-to-end operation services" that works with insurance companies. To expand on that mission statement further, SE2 works to simplify the operations within companies, help companies to bring new products to the market faster, and helps to stabilize costs.

The goal of SE2 is to help these insurance companies/providers understand what their customers want, do so at an affordable cost, and then get it to them in the most direct and simple manner.

Just How Fast Is It Growing?

So just how fast is SE2 growing? Well, it has managed to double its workforce in a span of just two short years. The company has managed to grow from around 500 employees in 2016 to more than 1,000 employees now. While its head office is located in Topeka, Kansas, it has other locations in Bridgewater, NJ; Dallas, TX; Lincoln, NE; Waterford, Ireland; Gurugram, India; and Pune India.

The third-party administration company has done an excellent job of recognizing where things were going in the annuities and life insurance industries and found a way to capitalize upon it.

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What's Feeding the Growth?

Of course, it's more than just being in the right industry at the right time that is feeding the growth for SE2, it also has to do with service delivery and the technology platforms that exist today. Everything is just that much more effective, responsible, immersive, and engaging for consumers, and SE2 is bridging that gap between customer and provider.

How Is SE2 Staying So Competitive and Leading the Pack of “Others”?

With that much growth, the company has attracted the interest of its competitors, which means it needs to work that much harder to stay ahead of the pack. SE2 puts a lot of time and energy into finding the best employees and talent out there to ensure that they can deliver products that are wanted, needed, effective, productive, and unique.

Don’t Count on SE2 Slowing Down

So as SE2 continues to enjoy this period of rapid and massive growth, don’t expect for this company to slow down or push any less hard.

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