A Perfect Guide to know the lesser-known Features of Google Maps  A Perfect Guide to know the lesser-known Features of Google Maps
News    01/01/2021

A Perfect Guide to know the lesser-known Features of Google Maps

Regularly, Google Maps rolls out some valuable features for its Android and iOS users. If you frequently use Google Maps, then you must know its new features.

What you do, when you are trapped somewhere or you try to reach an unknown location? Ultimately, we ask for help from our best buddy i.e Google Maps.

We must thank Google for making such an amazing web mapping service. When it comes to working of Google Maps, it’s the best possible option, that helps in directing everyone to find an accurate location.

Apart from this, the service keeps on updating the shorter routes, traffic congestion, along with the estimated time to reach a particular destination. But wait! You should know some additional features of Google Maps too.

So, today we are going to share some of the important and interesting features with you so that you can help thyself in enhancing your navigation experience.

Know Google Maps

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Here are some of the wow features of Google Maps:

Incognito Mode

We use Incognito Mode when we don’t want another person to be aware of our browsing history.

Similarly, users can also utilize this option to keep their Google Maps searching private.

Suppose, if you have searched for any activity, it would not be saved to your Google account.

The best thing to notice, when the incognito mode is turned ON, as per the Google support page, Google Maps neither save your browsing history to your Google account nor send any notifications.

 It only updates the users about shared location & location history. If found any!

Also, it traces the activity of the user, to meet the requirements of the Maps.

 How can you turn incognito mode ON and OFF on Android, iPhone, or iPad?

 Please follow the steps accordingly:

  • On your device, open Google Maps.

  • Tap on your profile picture, located in the top right.
  • Click to turn on incognito mode.
  • If you wish to turn off, click on the turn off incognito mode option.

Street Light Availability

While traveling in a post-sunset can be a frightening task, as some areas have a shortage of light, which might lead to an accident.

According to an XDA Developers report, Google is taking the necessary steps to introduce a service, i.e., “lighting” on Google Maps.

This gearing up technology focusing on highlighting the streets that are brightly lit and especially for those which have no or low lights.

Implementing Street Light availability will undoubtedly help users in avoiding streets with low or poor lighting.


Using this feature, on-location history with the Google Maps timeline option. A user can manage and view information.

Additionally, in the location history, users can edit entries like deleting all their data or deleting information from ranges in time. 

The timeline is private, so the user can only have access to view it.

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The speedometer is about measuring speed. On Google Maps, the feature functions while driving a car or bike. The feature displays the actual speed of the vehicle drive by the user.

In case the speed limit exceeds, suddenly, a speed indicator changes color, notifies users, and alerts them.


The users can also access the messages option on Google Maps. The feature helps users to communicate with businesses by their listings on the app directly.

Once a user sends a message, the businesses can view the profile picture and the sender's name on about me page.

It’s only the user who has to decide, what information has to be shared with businesses in the message?

Here’s how you can activate messages option on Google Maps

  • At first, open Google Maps on your device, then click on the explore places icon and then choose a category like bars or restaurants. If you wish to see more categories, like shopping or services, click more to view.
  • Choose a business. If it has activated the messaging option, click the message on their listing. Make sure, not all businesses can’t send and receive messages. You have to type your message and click on the send button.
  • In the message thread, all the responses from the business will appear. To check your messages in Google Maps, you have to click-> menu and then messages. When you have new messages, you’ll see a red dot on the icon.
  • If you want to report a business or block messages from a business, you have to open a message conversation and then click->’ more’-> press (block/report) spam.
  • If you have to delete the entire conversation from the device, firstly, you have to open a message conversation-> click more-> press delete.

Create a list of places 

If you are looking to visit your favorite places, then users have a great option to create a list on Google Maps too.

Here’s how to create a new list of places?

At first, open Google Maps on your device, then -> click menu-> your places and then saved. In the bottom right, click on add. Enter the name and description-> tap on ‘Save.’ You can even choose the list type among private, group, or public.

If you wish to edit or delete the list, then follow the below steps:

  • After opening Google Maps, click-> menu -> your places and then-> Saved. Click the list that you want to delete or edit. In case you wish to erase a list, click-> more at the top and choose-> delete list.
  • If you want to modify the list, click-> Edit, you can now edit the list by just clicking the name or description that you wish to change.
  • Additionally, the user can also add notes by tapping on the box below the place you want to describe. Make sure, you can add up to 4,000 characters.
  • By clicking on the remove icon, a saved place can also be deleted. Once you’re done, select save located on the top right of the page.

So, these are some of the additional features that you must know and use it while accessing Google Maps.

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