The Role of Technology Advancement in Globalization The Role of Technology Advancement in Globalization
News    06/27/2019

The Role of Technology Advancement in Globalization

The rapid advancement of technology has revolutionized the world. Follow the guide to know about the various factors influencing technological change adoption.

The Phenomenon Of Technological Changes In The World’s Companies

In the company, the only thing that is permanent is change. With this phrase, the changing character and ongoing evolution experienced by the company are currently highlighted. Changes that, on the other hand, are needed for the growth and evolution of any activity.

There are many areas where communities and companies evolve, but one of the areas where these changes occur, is faster and more consistent, precisely in the field of technology. Technology change presupposes constant modification in how to do things, tools used and the focus of any business.

Depending on the type of activity the company develops, these changes will affect several areas more than others, in the corporate structure, but ultimately, they ultimately affect the entire company. When a company is forced to adapt to technological innovations that affect its sector, the question arises: is my organization ready to adapt to change?

Answering this question is not easy, because there are many factors that can influence how easy or difficult it is for companies to ensure that all levels and all personnel in their organization make changes naturally and can adjust their work to this new technology.

We will analyze several factors that influence resistance to changes in the organization:

 Cultural factors             

There is no doubt that any company has its own culture, united with its members, as individuals. This means that there are already established canons and ways of doing things, which are oriented towards a specific approach for each organization. This culture, established, is usually an important break in the ease of assuming this change comes from technology in the activity sector.

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 Factors related to attitude     

It is fundamental, for companies to be able to assume the changes needed in their activities, that their members have a tendency towards them, consider them and maintain an attitude that is oriented towards evolution. The attitude of workers in any company to change can assume an important break in the future for technological change and is something where companies must focus most of their efforts.

Factors related to knowledge       

Even though this can be an easily salvaged brake, it shouldn't be ignored, because the brakes are basic, so the organization can take any adaptation, so its members know new technology and know how to use it and apply it to their usual activities.

Generation factor

In any company, there are workers of various ages and with different experiences and relationships with technology. It may be common for older workers who are less used to working in a technology environment to be more resistant to introducing technological innovations.

We can take an example in the world of law in Miami or the United States in general. Services such as Miami medical malpractice attorney are very helpful to anyone who needs legal assistance related to malpractice but on the other hand, people with older generations tend to seek legal information conventionally.

This happens because, traditionally, not all areas of the company need to be related to technology. However, younger workers or those known as millennia’s, for sure, will have no difficulty assuming any technological innovation, because this is about a generation born with new technology.

Factors related to safety

Although technology always brings improvements in the way things are done, in many cases, workers feel that using technology can make their lives and jobs less secure. With technology, everything is connected, it is possible and easier to access places and environments that were not previously clickable. This leads to finding certain fears, in reality, to be more vulnerable, because of this technology, and feeling that technology can attack their lives and, in fact, function as a substitute.

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