Transitioning Instagram Followers To Die Hard Fans Transitioning Instagram Followers To Die Hard Fans
News    06/04/2019

Transitioning Instagram Followers To Die Hard Fans

Build a genuine brand that's supported by loyal followers and implement a few key strategies to transition your Instagram followers into die-hard fans.

There are tons of marketing gurus and authors who speak very candidly about the importance of having a tribe. If you take a look at some of the major brands in the marketplace like Starbucks and Apple, they have loyal followings that will almost follow them off of a cliff. Though it might seem far-fetched, you can build a sincere brand that's supported by loyal followers who are happy to be a part of your tribe. In order to transition your Instagram followers into die-hard fans, you'll have to implement a few key strategies.

Value Proposition

Think about the value you plan on bringing to the marketplace. Nowadays, it's not that difficult to stand out as someone who provides value. This is because so many people use social media to highlight their own basic tasks. People use the Instagram Stories feature to capture their breakfast, their workday and a workout or two. If you think of all of the people you know personally, most of them use social media on a very basic level. Instead, you can use social media as a platform to help you inspire the masses. When you're able to position your message in a way that allows the follower to see what's in it for them, they're more likely to tune into anything you will have to offer in the future.


Consistent Effort

You also need to be intentional about making sure you produce content on a regular basis. There's such a continual conversation happening on social media. People are constantly updating and looking for more content. This doesn't mean that you have to drive yourself crazy in order to keep up. However, if you can make sure you create content in batches, this will help you to maintain a daily presence on social media. 

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Clear Instructions

When you want your Instagram followers to do something in particular, you have to present a call to action. Truthfully, it's a great idea to maintain a strong call to action in every single post. In one post, the call to action might involve telling your followers to comment below with their answer to a question you ask in the post.

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Another call to action might involve telling them to click the link in your bio. You can't just place the link in your bio and expect your followers to click it. Instead, you have to make sure they know the link is there to begin with. 



As you work on a website, build an email newsletter and make decisions on different details such as enterprise magento, you'll want to make sure that you incentivize your followers as you work to gain interaction. Offer a prize for the first ten people to sign up for your email newsletter. Give away a prize code for coffee at a national chain. Though it might seem like you're running a major gimmick, you're actually showing your followers that when they connect with you, there are benefits to gain. When you maintain this type of strategy in different forms, you'll be able to build a following and a loyal tribe.


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