Tudor: The Classy Watch for Your Modern Chic Qualities Tudor: The Classy Watch for Your Modern Chic Qualities
News    05/14/2021

Tudor: The Classy Watch for Your Modern Chic Qualities

The timepieces from Tudor showcase their brand in the mixture of class but modern.

We live in a time where modernity is inevitable progress. It evolves continuously in the lifestyle of people. It is evident in their choices of clothing and accessories like watches. But the importance of classy details is still equated to modern qualities. It should possess both to achieve that character of chic but trendy.

The timepieces from Tudor showcase their brand in the mixture of class but modern. Their collections have pieces with new features of design and functions while retaining the genre of classy. Let us take a peek at these elegant watches that excite the rush of modern and chic qualities.

Tudor 28400-0006 Blue Dial Automatic

The Tudor watches are a ladies' watch because of their classy vibe. This timepiece stands in the sophistication of 316L steel material. A steel texture that flows elegantly from its case parts down to the bracelet. This design highlights a modern taste and puts confidence in durability.

This timepiece lets a woman test her taste for chic things. The blue dial with Roman numeral indexes perfects modern elegance. Then the illumination of hand markers in silver tops this timepiece as a jewel to keep. This watch represents modern femininity with equipped features like 100 m water resistance and 38 hours power reserve.

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Tudor 22013-0003 Stainless Steel Black Dial

If you have black, then you define classy, and this timepiece speaks it all. The emphasis of the black dial makes it a stunning palette that refines the attraction of stick indexes. Then the hour and minute markers exaggerate the beauty of yellow gold. A gold and black together spell the luxury called class.

This watch assures its wearer that it can keep up with the demands of modern times. It has a cushion shape case that fits perfectly in a 28mm size. The precision of time tracking gets accurate with Tudor Calibre 2671 movements. Plus the extra efficiency of 38 hours power reserve and stainless steel bracelet.

Tudor 51000-0008 Diamond Indexes Black Dial

The diamond details found in the indexes make this watch hard to resist. A timepiece suited for both types of gender exudes in black dial class. It has silver hand and minute markers that make timekeeping fascinating. This classy luxury makes it a top choice for ladies and gentlemen who want to get that elegant chic in this modern setting.

If you want dependable qualities, then this watch makes the mark. The power reserve gets bold with its 38 hours efficiency. Do a worry-free outdoor adventure with its 100 m water resistance resilience. Then glam with a bracelet that comes durable and handy in stainless steel.

Tudor 79230R-0009 Red Bezel Automatic Black Dial

This timepiece aims at the love for modern chic. It comes with a dial of black and beautiful touch of the red bezel. The size of the case comes robust at 41mm in a round shape that firms solidly. The fabric strap makes the overall look trendy but stylish. It gives automatic comfort for men with a fast and furious lifestyle.

A watch built to get the precise track of time has caliber MT5602 movements and dot indexes for best time viewing. The stainless steel case adds more fascination plus safety features like 200m water resistance and 70 hours power reserve, which makes the extra brilliance.

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Tudor 51000-0004 Jacquard Silver-Diamond Stainless Steel Bracelet

Minimalism with class becomes one of the modern trends in watch styling. This timepiece presents itself in simplistic silver hand markers with a stainless steel bracelet. The silver-white hue gets elegant touches of diamond indexes and the silent power of the silver case.

This timepiece speaks that less is more and comes more with features to boast. It has stainless durability that puts strength to its bracelet. The case has a firm, solid round shape. Then the size is comfortable to wear at 26mm. Adding to its efficiency are 38 hours power reserve and 100 m water resistance that gets dependable anytime and anywhere.

Tudor 57100-0018 Black Dial Stainless Steel

This classy watch gets the modern beauty of a leather bracelet. Then the black dial with stick indexes adds a glamorous effect. The stainless steel case provides comfortable wear of round shape and 42mm size. Plus, the mindful features of a 70 hours power reserve combined with 100 water resistance make this watch a treasure to keep.


The timepieces of Tudor make you realize that anything classy can adapt to the change of times. Their watches are made with stylish elegance equipped with valuable features. A character that genuinely possesses the aspiration of the modern trend. Make it on top of your list and let these classy watches highlight the modernity of chic and sophistication in you.


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