Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
News    10/23/2020

Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner? If yes, find the best video marketing ideas for small businesses and grow your business exponentially.

These days, the attention span of people has become shorter than before. The consumers are bombarded with content all the time. They lack the patience and time of going through lengthy articles and blogs. In a world of interesting and funny videos, textual content may find it difficult to stand out and grab the attention of the consumers.

This is what makes videos and video marketing so important for every business. Not only is the video content easy to consume, but it is also entertaining and preferred over textual content. Over the last few years, video marketing has become an effective way of driving traffic to the website and engaging users.

As the owner of a small business, you may feel that only larger businesses can create high-quality, entertaining, interesting, and engaging marketing videos. But that is not true anymore.

The accessibility to several content production tools like InVideo.io has now increased, making it easier for small businesses to come up with engaging and entertaining marketing videos as well. 

To create amazing video content for your website and other platforms, all you need is a computer system and your smartphone.

Here are a few video marketing ideas that you can incorporate into your video marketing strategy:

Recycle Blog Posts into Video Content

Ran out of new and fresh content ideas for your videos? No problem. You can repurpose your already existing blog posts into video content. Not only is this a great way to reach your target audience, but it will also help you understand what type of content performs well among them.

When you repurpose the written content into videos, users that may have previously passed on the blogs and articles can be pulled in with a content format they prefer the most - videos.

You can check for online tools that help transform written content into videos. These tools use artificial intelligence to automate video content creation.

All you will have to do is upload the blog post, and the software will come up with a summary of the content. Then, it will match those scenes with relevant music, videos, and photos.

Customer Testimonials

A great way to build brand confidence in the audience is through customer testimonials. Seeing positive feedback and reviews about your business is much more convincing than any advertisement. You are not only showing the audience why they should embrace your brand, but also proving its worth through positive customer testimonials.

A basic customer testimonial video involves an interview of the customer talking about the positive experience they have had with your brand. You could also make the video more immersive or organic by filming the video of the customer in their workplace environment.

Both the ways are great, and you can choose the one you think will work best for your brand. You can also ask the customers to talk about their experience of working with a small business. This may help encourage other users to work with a small business.

Incorporate Videos on Your Landing Page

Did you know that along with increasing traffic and engagement, videos can increase the conversion rate as well? A study has revealed that including videos on the landing page can increase conversion rates by 80 percent.

When you include videos on the landing page of your website, it helps the users who visit your website, absorb, and experience the message you are trying to send out to them.

It will also help increase the amount of time the users spend on your website. The videos you include on the landing page should be of high quality with an engaging thumbnail. Check out this tool which can help you generate more traffic by creating engaging videos for your landing pages.

Whether your landing page videos are about the brand, customer testimonials, products, or services, it will help the users understand the value of the company in an engaging manner.

Interact with Your Audience through Live Streams

The best way to connect with your audience is by speaking with them directly. These days, with the rise of live streaming services, it is very easy to interact with the customers and audience at any time.

Many different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram now offer live streaming services. You can use any of these platforms at your convenience.

Scheduling a Q&A session during the live streaming can be a great way to use live video. You can post on your social media accounts the details of your live session. This will give the audience time to prepare questions about your brand or products.

Screen Recording for Tutorials

If your business is into teaching the customers, you can utilize the new technology of learning by recording the computer screen for tutorials. For example, if your company posts a lot of written content about how to use particular software, you can provide them with video tutorials on how to do the same. It will help the users retain more information easily and increase engagement.

To entice the users who visit your website into learning more about your product, you can record a demo of the software and show the users how to use its certain features. You can find plenty of screen recording tools online that help you record high-quality videos.

Product Announcements

To continuously provide value to your customers, you need to vary your product offerings occasionally. Otherwise, if the visitors get bored with your products, they will start to look at your competitors.

Keep the customers and consumers excited about your brand by promoting your products through video content. Use a combination of energizing audio and impressive visuals while creating product announcement videos.

The content of the announcement video depends on whether it is a pre-launch video or a post-launch video. If it is a pre-launch video, include very few details about the product to keep the consumers curious. If it is the latter, highlight the best features of the product and explain why the consumer must invest in it.

Now that you have a few ideas about video marketing for your business be sure to incorporate some of these into your next marketing strategy.

Make sure you share the videos on all your social media platforms to widen engagement and conversion rates and also keep posting content frequently, which can be achieved with the help of video creation softwares. 

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