5 Ways To Access Restricted Content 5 Ways To Access Restricted Content
News    06/20/2022

5 Ways To Access Restricted Content

If you want to open or access restricted content of some kind on your device then check out the simple yet effective techniques described in the article.

Perhaps you've encountered a site or service that has been blocked or restricted, and you're wondering why. This is mainly due to governments preventing citizens from accessing sites from other countries due to political and economic concerns. Another reason is companies and universities have the authority to place limits on their employees and students. Employees may be restricted from seeing certain websites as a form of discipline by some employers. 

No matter the reason, any restricted website or service can be unblocked using various methods. It's a good thing this post is here to show you how to get around website limitations by using tools such as this Turkmenistan VPN. To access restricted content, you can: 

1. Make Use Of A Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

Your best bet to access restricted content is a high-quality virtual private network (VPN). A VPN allows you to hide your location and encrypt your internet traffic to access geo-blocked websites. This means a website will only know where your VPN is (by its IP address) and not where you are if you try to visit it while using a VPN. 

Suppose you're in another country and want to stream a Netflix movie, but it's only available in the United States. You don't need to do anything more than sign up for a VPN service and change your IP address to a US location to watch the movie. 

2. Use The IP address Rather Than The Domain 

IP addresses may be found on any major computer platform and entered into a browser's URL bar the same way a regular address would be entered. Mac users can use Terminal to find out their IP, while Windows users can use Command Prompt.  

But if the restricted computer does not have a Command Prompt or Terminal, you can use a public network computer to locate the computer's IP address blocking certain websites. To open the site, paste the IP address in your browser's URL field to access the site as usual. 

Note that this may only work if the site can directly handle requests from the IP. Your browser's default setting may cause certain websites to redirect your request to the website in question or display an error message. 

3. Reconfigure Your DNS Servers 

DNS server reconfiguration is another method for accessing restricted content. Only alter the DNS settings for a single device if you wish to use a different DNS on all your devices. 

On the flip side, the DNS servers on the router must be changed if you want all devices connected to the internet through the router to use new DNS servers. Even though each router's interface is unique, precise instructions may be found in the guidebook for each manufacturer. 

4. Consider Using A Proxy Service 

A proxy service can also allow you to access restricted content and remain anonymous online. Proxy servers hide your identity IP from websites. They are a lot like VPNs in many ways. Proxies are commonly used to bypass firewalls at work, school, or the public library without paying or downloading anything.  

Proxies don't connect your browser to the website that you're browsing. By using a proxy server, your internet connection will go through that server instead of directly to the actual website. Once you type in the URL, the proxy server will offer you a cached version of that page. 

Although proxies can unlock some geo-restricted pages, you won't be able to use them to access primary streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. This way, VPNs are better than proxies

5. Access By Using The TOR Browser 

TOR is a popular browser that lets you surf the web without anyone knowing who you are, without tracking your browsing history or location. The browser is a product of volunteers from worldwide who helped build this network of relays. You'll first need to get the Tor Browser and install it like any other program. Once you've done that, open Tor Browser and click Connect to begin using the Tor network. 


You may have come across a site or service that has been blocked or restricted, and you're wondering why. This is mainly because governments are blocking their citizens from accessing sites from other nations for political and economic reasons. Additionally, employers and educational institutions have the power to set restrictions on their workers and pupils.  

Any restricted website or service can be unblocked, regardless of the reason. You'll be able to access any restricted site or service if you follow the five methods outlined above.


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