6 Web Design Trends Every Web Development Company Should Adopt 6 Web Design Trends Every Web Development Company Should Adopt
News    07/18/2019

6 Web Design Trends Every Web Development Company Should Adopt

Want to know which web design trends can push your industry forward? Follow the guide to know about the latest design trends that every company should adopt in 2019.

Since its inception, the internet has grown and changed rapidly, as if it were a living, breathing organism. The internet has seen incredible design trends throughout the years. In the 90s, website designers didn’t talk about web design too much. There were no pictures or interactive elements. There certainly was no such thing as mobile-friendly design back then. In 2019, custom web development in Austin isn’t just popular, but the right design usually equals conversion.

Trends to Adopt Now

Austin web development agencies, like KitelyTech, stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the web design trends that will keep website visitors engaged and coming back for more of your sweet content and services. We’ve put together a list of some web design trends that we know will impress clients and visitors alike.


Gone are the days of overcrowded, busy web pages with too much verbiage. As our friends over at 99Designs put it, “the fewer elements and content on a website, the less your audience will have to think.” While content is key, less can be more—and better—with a minimalistic design. Adding to that, websites that are mostly white with asymmetrical elements have been popular these last few years and continuing throughout 2019.

Video Background Content

Background videos continue to be a trend in 2019. Websites can keep visitors on their page with the use of lightweight, HD videos that give visitors a sneak peek of what’s inside, instead of linking them to their Youtube or Vimeo page to watch. HD video allows for companies and brands to create an experience when used as a homepage background.

Serifs Replacing Bold Font

Serifs Replacing Bold Font

One trend we’re seeing major brands adopt is replacing their quirky logo fonts with Helvetica and similar serif fonts. While it’s nothing new, it is an upward trend with brands like MailChimp and Uber going from chunky or script fonts to a simple, clean serif.

Mobile-friendly Navigation

More people browse the web using their mobile phones than desktop. It only makes sense to design a website that’s not only mobile friendly but is easy to navigate via thumb scrolling. In designing more mobile-friendly sites, we are also seeing more “mobile-first animation”. That is, interactive animations that are designed with mobile use in mind.

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You can enrich your website’s design by animating secondary elements to create a more seamless user experience. Micro-interactions enhance the user experience by making the website seem more intelligent: scrolling animations, chimes, interactive illustrations, and beeps. Visitors will be more involved in the

Glitch Art

Glitch art is making a major comeback. If you don’t know, glitch art what happens when a video or other visual is distorted due to a bad connection or loss of connection and recreated to make a piece of art. Think about the quintessential 80s static screen in the middle of the night, after all programming has ended. These static screens and other forms of glitch art are becoming increasingly popular with tech and web development companies to create a sense of nostalgic distortion for visitors.

5 Trends to Avoid in 2019

While there are plenty of web design trends to follow in 2019, here are five trends website development companies should stay away from when building a project for their client.

  • Thin, condensed typeface. It’s not reader friendly on most screens.

  • Social media feed. While companies may think that including their social media feed on their website is will improve their visitor interaction, they are wrong. Having your social media feed on your website does not create added value to your visitors. If you want to include social media into your design, opt for unobtrusive social media icons that will compliment your website.

  • Excessively long menus. If your navigation menu has a scroll bar what are you doing with your content? Instead of making your users scroll through your website’s menu, try making keyword search a major feature of your website.

  • Page loading animations. Page loading animations are for overloaded, slow-loading websites. If you want to include visually stunning animations in your web design, make it a part of the actual design and not for the loading screen.

  • Heavy video and large images. We love videos in our designs. What we don’t love is videos and other visuals that cause your website to load slowly. Large videos are great for desktops and high-speed internet. Instead of heavy video or videos throughout your website, narrow it down to one lightweight video on your home page.

Trends in web development will come and go. It ultimately comes down to combining functionality with a product that will be visually pleasing to your client’s audience.

Tips to Prevent virus and malware from Infecting Your System:
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