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What Android Pie Learned From Artificial Intelligence? What Android Pie Learned From Artificial Intelligence?
News | 12/24/2018

What Android Pie Learned From Artificial Intelligence?

When was the last time you checked your PC health? Do you know your PC requires a regular Check Up!!!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no more new words to hear today, as they have advanced at such a great pace that they are here with us covering every sphere and aspect of life.

Be it IT, Healthcare, Automobile, Tourism, Marketing, and anything you say it has an industry-wide presence. But ever imagined that how they are brought to practice and work in all the different areas of industry?

It's the Mobile World and its evergrowing developments!

Yes, these evergreen concepts have enhanced mobile development and the smartphone experience in a huge way where both iOS and Android have integrated with these technologies in the form of apps.

Google in its new operating system, Android P, has combined the smart features of AI and ML into its core and has made it more flexible and user-friendly.

The mobile world and its advancements are not going to cease, rather, expand with every passing day. And artificial intelligence marking its presence everywher e, demands all the tech lovers to know how it is digitizing the world today.

An Introduction To Artificial Intelligence Course would help one and all to get clear insights about the technology and the potential it holds to reshape the face of every industry-type including the mobile industry.

Now, take a rundown at some remarkable traits which Android P has imbibed in itself from the powerful techniques of AI and its branches.

  • Prolonged Battery Life

The new version of Android, Android P is powered by AI and ML algorithms running at the back making it a robust and operating system.

This version brings excellent battery experience for its users where the inbuilt clever technology would not give you any chance to run low over the battery.

Google making sheer collaboration with Deepmind brings up a new feature in Pie namely ‘Adaptive Battery’. This new attribute makes use of AI’s predictive analysis which helps the OS to know how a user is going to use his phone or what kind of apps he is likely to use or avoid.

The backend working is made simple and smooth where applications are classified as per restrictions making use of the App Standby buckets.

The apps are set on the status of ‘active’ or ‘rare’ as per their usage, thus, making the process executions effective giving a long battery life to your smartphone.

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  • Better and Smarter Phone Display

When it comes to the display of the phone, everyone expects to have good graphics and also looks for some new features that they can encounter in their smartphone.

Google’s Android P improves the user experience by automating some visual adjustments. The operating system auto-adjusts the brightness of the phone as per the location and surroundings eliminating the need for human intervention.

In this case, Pie effectively learns from artificial intelligence and its technologies and assesses the manual settings and patterns and tailors your screen’s brightness that better suits you, thereby saving your time as well as battery.

  • More Enhanced User Interface

If we compare Android Oreo with Android Pie, the latter version takes one step ahead of the former one. Oreo made good use of AI and ML techniques and proactively took decisions to sort the frequently used apps of a phone.

However, the latest version acts as an assistant and offers bits of advice to its operator about the applications they can use or would love to use, analyzing its owner’s habits and behaviors.

The AI-empowered algorithms anticipate your next action based on your current action and also provide you shortcuts to directly land up to the desired section of the app.

Truly, the main motive for which this OS is built clearly fulfills its aim by dispensing great customer experience and ease of use to the end-user.  

The User Interface is pragmatically enhanced which a user can witness unless one uses it personally.

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  • Smart Notification Replies

In the early modified versions, we were limited to make well use of the in-built features of a smartphone.  But now it's no more the case with this new OS.

Pie has encompassed AI-enabled reply suggestions which are added to the notification feature. A user need not open the full app, instead, the smart OS traits will provide with some relevant replies which he can make then and there.

Machines have made the work of humans way easier enabling you to attach images, photos, stickers, messages all from the notification area and reply instantly.

  • Prevents Smartphone Addiction

Today, every one of us is addicted to the digital technologies which are present with us in the form of e-devices. And you will agree if I say that the majority of the populace keeps their mobile devices at an arm’s distance.

This shows how much we are involved with our mobile phones and are busy spending time on the web of social media channels. Nevertheless, Android P becomes smarter and caring as it helps you to put the focus on the other major concerns of life.

Again, Artificial Intelligence plays its role where Pie learns lessons from the powerful technology and understands the user patterns and habits and derives your attention towards crucial matters.

The internal features that help these executions run efficiently involve:  


Shows a user, how much time he has spent on the device and what he has been doing with it.

App Timer:

Allows an operator to specify how much time he spends on certain apps and alerts the person when his allotted time draws near once the time duration ends up.

Wind Down:

Wind Down attribute automatically enables Night Light, turns on Do Not Disturb mode, cut downs the blue light emitted by the screen and, much more.

Over To You

The digital world is all set to bring revolutionary advancements in the field of mobile app development where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will continue to make significant contributions industry-wide.  

Android, being considered the most popular operating system will maintain its popularity, comforting the customers and operators with ever-unique characteristics and benefitting the marketers with high revenue gains.

With its, every modified version came some extraordinary user-centric features which attracted the audience towards buying Android phones. Undoubtedly, the OS learning well from Artificial Intelligence and its branches will succeed in making its users happy and contented.

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