What is GCP Big Query? Its Major USP and Advantages What is GCP Big Query? Its Major USP and Advantages
News    06/30/2020

What is GCP Big Query? Its Major USP and Advantages

GCP Big Query is the buzzword these days and it has been developed by none other than Google! Google is a company that always leaves its competitors biting dust when it comes to developing innovative solutions for its clients, GCP Big Query is no exception.

If you do not have appropriate infrastructure and the hardware, it becomes a costly and time-consuming process to store the huge data sets and make sense out of them, isn’t it?

Have you faced such a problem? Are you curious about GCP Big Query? Continue to read further:-

What is GCP (Google Cloud Platform)?

GCP is nothing but the collection of the services and products through which you can develop applications on the Google infrastructure & the software. Some of the few such applications are Dataflow, Google App engine, Prediction API & Big Query.

Google Cloud Platform allows users to create their own projects or make the desired changes in the existing ones.

What is a Big Query?

GCP Big Query is a big data analytics service used to maintain huge data sets and then retrieve the same by super quick SQL queries. It is an enterprise Data warehouse and the USP lies in the data retrieval in a jiffy!

GCP Big Query was developed with a purpose to analyze the huge data sets through the usage of the robust infrastructure of Google Cloud. The users get control to access both Data and the project. You can also allow others to run a query or view the data based on the business requirement.

USP & Advantages of GCP Big Query

Big Query is different from most of the other cloud data warehousing service providers because of the below-mentioned reasons:-

  • “It is the Server less Model”!! You can use it on the “Pay as per use model” during the initial phase. Also, it is pretty simple to use with the help of a command-line tool or running a query on the web. It has been designed in such a way that you do not have to face the hassles of the size of the RAM/CPU.
  • The customer base for GCP big query has grown by leaps and bounds for the past months and it is one of the quickest growing services of Google Cloud. The likes of Lufthansa, Lowe’s, and Way fair have become the clients. Hence, it is a trustworthy and high-quality service that you can avail of and simply focus on your core business. You can leave the problems & hassles to GCP Big Query and relax!
  • Data sharing is extremely simple and the users can share huge data sets similar to the way they share normal documents and spreadsheets. The data remains safe and the Access control list can be modified.
  • Pricing of the GCP Big Query is tailor-made as per the needs of the users. Google Cloud Platform offers two types of pricing models, one is a Fixed or flat rate and the other is the pay-per-query model. If you are a user if you tend to use large data sets and can predict the usage over some time, you may go for flat pricing.However, if you find the flat-rate model too expensive then you can go for the pay per query model and the same is easy in your pocket.The cherry on the cake? You get the flexibility to switch to either of the pricing models as per the requirement and your budget.
  • Federated data access: - You might have data stored at places like Google Drive, Big-table, or any other external source. No worries! You do not need to move your data anywhere as the GCP Big Query offers flexibility to query the data directly. It supports the formats of CSV, Avro, ORC & Parquet.
  • Extremely well-managed storage: - The storage engine of the GCP Big Query has great capacity and is continuously optimized. It evolves regularly and there is no disturbance at all. GCP Big Query stores the data on the Colossus which is highly scalable too.
  • The background process is extremely smart to gauge the usage pattern of the clients and optimize the datasets automatically for improved performance.
  • Encrypted Data: - It goes without saying that GCP Big Query is extremely particular about data security. Hence, all the data is being encrypted as Google takes the security of its customers very seriously.
  • Great Geographical reach: - The GCP Big Query offers the flexibility of the data centers across the geographies. The users can begin the day at a specific data center and can land up at the other data center eventually.
  • Free cache per user: - Another great offering by the GCP Big Query! The per-user cache is offered for free, if there is no change in the data then the result from the written SQL will be cached for 24 hours automatically. Caching is a great way to save resources, time & money and hence when the user runs the same query next time then there is no charge levied on the same.
  • Batch ingest & Streaming API: - One of the finest features of GCP Big Query is that the user is allowed to stream the data at a pretty swift speed and they can get the data to analyze almost immediately. This is not a cakewalk so Google has done a fantabulous job here!

Batch ingest is an amazing way for data loading into Big Query. There is no cost associated with it and irrespective of the amount of data loaded in Big Query, the query capacity is not affected at all. Moreover, there is no middle way or a partial upload. So, it is either a success or a failure and you do not need to clean up the partial load!


There it is! Google Cloud Platform Big Query is the boon for the users who are looking to query huge data sets. The data remains secure and there is a lot of flexibility while using the GCP Big Query. It is a software as a service (SAAS) product that does not need any server.

GCP Big Query was launched in 2011 and since then it has served some biggest clients and has evolved & enhanced its features to suit the requirements of the users all across the geographies.

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