Where People Are Investing Their Money Where People Are Investing Their Money
News    09/10/2019

Where People Are Investing Their Money

Investing trends change on a yearly basis. These trends might seem minor if you look at them each year. However, if you compare investing advice for any given year and compare it to the advice given a decade prior, chances are you'll find more differences than you'd have bargained for.

In the past, interest rates at banks were near 10% for certain accounts, which allowed people to live off their savings indefinitely without any convoluted investment scheme necessary. Since that's no longer the case, people are taking their money elsewhere to try and get the much-coveted 10% return rate that other generations got to enjoy.

Here are some of those investments:

Stock Market

Technological advancement and changing public policy are driving factors in bringing the average person into the stock market like never before. People are eager to invest in firms that make novel technology like drones, virtual reality software, or other substantially advanced products of technology.

The legalization of marijuana in Canada has also made for a boom in cannabis-related investments worldwide as people seek to capitalize on this new market. The stock market is volatile in the short term, while those who play the long game consistently see favorable returns.

Digital Currencies

Digital currencies have formed a quasi stock market of their own since they frequently change in value, and there are enough different ones out there to make the comparison all the more possible.

Bitcoin still shines as one of the most talked about and traded cryptocurrencies of all time, with most transactions occurring with the help of an exchange such as Bitcoin Revolution.

Drawn in by success stories and the high value currently associated with a single Bitcoin, investors are coming from far and wide to store a portion of their money in these coins in anticipation of a large increase in value. These large increases were called a "moon" by the cryptocurrency world since the price is "going over the moon."

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Side Hustles

Not content with letting their money work for itself or for someone else, savvy investors in 2019 are instead choosing to invest in themselves by getting their side hustles in order. These can range from making and selling goods from their home to any of the myriad of ways one can monetize their Internet connection.

With a little bit of money down, it's possible to create an enterprise that generates hundreds to thousands of dollars every month in passive income. Since both time and money are at a premium in this world, the side hustle is an institution that's expanding rapidly among the population.


There will always be a new "next big thing" as far as investing goes. That's just the nature of the financial system. The most viable and successful new ideas are typically new takes on old concepts, such as the rise of Bitcoin as an alternative to fiat currency, or the side hustle which is essentially just getting a very loosely organized second job.

With proper planning and foresight, these investment strategies can pay off big time. Does that mean it's easier in 2019 to create your fortune? No, not really. But then, the options that are there in today's market do work for a large number of people.

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