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Precautions and Security Measures Taken in Cloud Computing Services Precautions and Security Measures Taken in Cloud Computing Services
News | 08/06/2018

Precautions and Security Measures Taken in Cloud Computing Services

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Precautions And Security Measures To Be Taken In Cloud Computing Services

Why is this article so important?

All of us know the term security. Isn’t it? Security is the most widespread and well-known aspect while starting a business and is the one thing which makes an owner step back. 

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Cloud computing is a buzzing word in the market. It gives a leverage to the computing resources from any place and from any supported system. Cloud computing has the capability to change the use of a computer even for an average person in coming years. As you know, everything comes with some benefits and some drawbacks.

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Security is the major concern with the rise of cloud computing. Cybercrime can happen with any type of data flowing over the network. It doesn't mean either you have kept it in the same format or other.

Cloud Computing Services

Data accessibility is a major concern. If we take an example of yourself, the open wireless network is the first thing we look after just to get information about sports score or some personal data. But have we ever thought it may cause a threat to our system as well?

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So, similar threats and problems are covered in this article and the ways to overcome them.

Data theft:

This is one of the most common reason behind the data corruption. The data stored online is alternate to data theft. Data theft does not depend upon the size of business whether it is small or big. You will always be the target when the business is online.

Always keep in mind the data stored online is never 100% protected from the threats which are flowing all over across the internet. As long as you are keeping the data online, there’s always a possibility that a hacker will break your security walls.

What can we do? We can always optimize the cloud security and network security. In this way, the possibility of cloud insecurity will be least.

Compliance violation

There are many industries which are keeping the data publicly because it cost less in comparison to the private cloud. So, storing the sensitive data in the public cloud will bring the unexpected complications. For example, if the information is compromised then you have to inform the victim about the money it may cost in the future.

So, it is natural that you have to ensure about safety that it is meeting the security standards of the company. According to any business, every individual is responsible for some data related policies which he/she is holding and should be maintained and followed by employees and users.

Although private cloud computing is the first suggestion given to all businesses to prevent cybercrime.

Immense downtime:

In case all the sensitive data is stored in the cloud, and downtime happens. It’s obvious you need an internet connection all the time to access the data.

What happens if data is lost, then in that case you may not be able to recover anything and will result into the downfall of business in every aspect such as budget, position in marketplace by setting your business a way back which may lead a start from the initial (in the same way you have started new).

Overall, a huge problem for your business!

Always store the data in multiple locations to overcome this type of situation. In this way, you will be holding your data online as well as offline. Hence, decreases the downtime and increases the ability to move the business though, it is not useful for the remote workers.


Whenever, the credentials are stored or saved somewhere else, ensure that you secure it with a password. And the information about the username and password is not shared with anyone else.

Physical access to data is the concern when the data is kept on the system. Though, it has less probability to be taken remotely. In the same way, when data is stored in cloud computing the major concerns is data accessed in another website.

Immense downtime

There are several websites which are available online and explains how to prevent your data from cyber attack and helps to build your skill set to control and perform a security audit.

CISA Training is one of that kind which helps to gain expertise in testing, development, and implementation of the systems to protect. The training will help the user to identify any type of threat, a report in case of vulnerabilities and to take control on them.

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