Ransomware, Virus | 12/11/2017
CryptoMix, or CryptFile2 is the most recent variant which has hit the cyber world, this new ransomware uses the. [payment_email].ID[VICTIM_16_CHAR_ID]. WALLET extension to encrypted files. This variant was discovered by independent security researcher Robert Rosenborg
Trojan, Ransomware | 12/05/2017
The Fareit trojan, was first discovered in 2014, its prime function is to work as an information stealer and a malware downloader, with the main aim to collect user’s online credentials and install additional malware.
Ransomware, Malware | 12/04/2017
After havoc created by Necurs botnet, which is one of the devastating botnets in the recent times. It is known for playing a major role in distributing Locky ransomware and Dridex banking trojan. Over the course of this year, Necurs has evolved with a new strain called Scarab ransomware and this operates with sending out bulk emails.
Ransomware, Adware, News | 11/23/2017
Zcrypt Ransomware is a new and nasty computer program which works as a virus and a ransom ware. It mostly targets the windows users and is able to cause severe troubles in your system.
Malware, Ransomware, News | 11/22/2017
Odin Ransomware is the newest member of the infamous Locky ransomware. As known, about it previously it added. locky and. zepto extensions. The evolution of this ransomware is now using .odin extension. Technically, it is the same Locky virus, that uses same asymmetric cryptography.
Malware, Ransomware | 11/17/2017
Nemesis is a ransomware infection found by Michael Gillespie. Once in the system, Nemesis encrypts documents and affixes filenames with the ".63vc4" extension and demand ransom to provide the unique encryption key.
Ransomware, Malware | 11/16/2017
Cryptomix ransomware is called a file-encrypting ransomware. On encryption it would leave a ransom note demanding the ransom in bitcoins.
Ransomware, Malware | 11/16/2017
Matrix ransomware is being transmitted using a vast campaign and an exploit kit, the time has come to take a more profound plunge into this ransomware to perceive what highlights it has and how to remove it.
Ransomware, Malware | 11/15/2017
Ordinypt is called a file-encrypting ransomware which was first seen in Germany. It also goes by the names HSDFSDCrypt and Wo Sind Meine Dateien ransomware. Once on a system, this threatening malware claims all the valuable user's information by encrypting them and demands a ransom of 0.12 Bitcoin to provide the decryption tool. All the instructions to make the payment are left in the ransom note "Wo_sind_meine_Dateien.html" which is written in the German language.
Malware, Ransomware | 11/15/2017
A gang of hackers have been successfully breaking into unsecured enterprise servers since June. To make it possible they have been using RDP brute-force attacks to get into the user's system remotely and then install the LockCrypt ransomware.
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