Mr. Bean Aka Rowan Atkinson Death – Real News Or A Hoax

The shocking news of Rowan Atkinson’s AKA Mr. Bean death went viral after a Twitter handled. Their headline read: “FOX BREAKING NEWS: ‘Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)’ died at 62 After Crashing his Car on Attempt perfecting a Stunt. But this was a fake eye catcher.

rowan atkinson death

This news went viral as it duped users into clicking on a malicious link. Also, a post claiming that Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson committed suicide began making the rounds on Facebook. The main aim of both the news on different social media was a part of a clickjacking scam, whose main objective is leading users to a story, by clicking the post which will redirect to a website, that attempts to obtain things such as Facebook access, personal information and survey answers.

rowan atkinson car crash

MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THIS “Clickjacking” Scam

As soon as you click on the link, it will ask you to download a plug-in (which you should not) supposedly required to watch the video. Downloading the plug-in actually installs a malicious software/plugin that will re-send the same link to all your Facebook friends. It would also start posting such hoax news links and posts using your profile. This is what’s caused the faux report to go viral. The cyber prank was created by cybercriminals with the main goal to trick online users (especially social media users) into installing malicious Facebook applications, or other malicious software. The malicious Facebook application was used to send spam and other such posts to all of your Facebook friends. Such posts can be used to infect your computer with a virus, Trojan horse, spyware or ransomware. These infections can steal your personal and financial information, or demand a ransom in order to unlock your computer or files. Linkbeef, a site well known within the death hoax world for spewing out other fake stories of celebrities meeting their demise.

Cautious about news on Social Media

If you read any news on Facebook of any famous celebrity you should never believe and one should always check with the legitimate news channels. Most of the time, the news on Facebook will ask you to click on the video attached to view it, you will be asked to download a “Facebook Media Plug-in“, which claims you will need in order to view the suicide video. There will be no video, rather you would end up installing a malicious computer program that will infect your computer with a virus or Trojan horse and would infect those connected with you over social media.

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