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System Slowing Down? Must have software’s for Windows 10 !!! System Slowing Down? Must have software’s for Windows 10 !!!
News | 11/02/2017

System Slowing Down? Must have software’s for Windows 10 !!!

Software's are the backbone of any operating system. No matter if it is a new pc or a year-old pc, the first thing we usually do is install a set of software as per our personal preference. There are millions of fantastic software available in the store, knowing which one is best suited makes setting up a new installation easy.

Must have software’s for Windows 10

Software’s not only make your windows 10 experience soothing at the same time it allows you to do things in a better way. There are various software’s that can do the required work for you, i.e., cleaning the temporary files, blocking the virus, blocking the malware, fixing the registries, startup issues – these are the various issues which are supposed to be handled on a regular basis to keep the system in its best shape. And as we always expect our PC's to perform the best whenever we need them. It can undoubtedly perform up to your expectation but the only thing it needs is proper maintenance and guess what you don't have to contact any local technician to do the work for you.  In this case, you just have to get the best software that is compatible with your computer, install it, and the rest would be taken care of by the software.

So, here are the few recommended software’s that will not only help you to enhance the performance of your PC but on the other hand they will also enable a robust firewall to prevent the latest virus and malware from getting to your PC. This will also keep your identity safe, i.e., it will protect your credit card details, online banking details, user id and password, etc.

1. Free Malware Removal Tool

Free Malware Removal Tool

Every program here helps the PC in one way or the other. But, our best pick in this category is Free Malware Removal Tool. So, how come this stands first among all the recommended software’s? Is it the compassion of the developers or let us call it a marketing strategy either ways they worked hard to build a strong firewall and guess what! It is free with all those premium features. We would recommend you to get hold of this application as it is in the introductory phase and the developers are rolling it out for free. Now let us talk about the features of this newly introduced program. Do you need an antivirus program or do you need an anti-malware program or do you want them both? We can just hope that you are looking for the best firewall, then you are in the right spot this is the application which will provide protection against both virus and the malware. And the reason we are full of praises about it is that the developers have done so well on it and they want us to try it out for free. Kudos! To the developers and even though you have another antivirus let us give it a try. It might as well turn out in our favor.

Download from: http://freemalwareremovaltool.com/


2. Driver Updater or Driver Tuneup

Driver Updater

You did the cleaning? You have an Antivirus? But your pc still runs slow! Maintaining your PC by cleaning all the temporary and junk files is one thing but keeping all your drivers updated is equally essential. We never realize that the slow performance of the pc might be due to the outdated drivers. Drivers help to maintain the stability of the operating system. If you are running on the outdated drivers, you might see frequent crashes, or you might find it difficult while connecting the new gadgets or any removable media to your pc.

Alright, let us say you know you are running on an outdated driver and now you want to update it. Do you know the specific name of the driver or do you know which version of the driver is compatible with your system? Now, going through all these steps to find a suitable driver is a trouble for sure. But, what if there is a tool that can keep all your drivers updated. Yes! you are right download Driver Updater or Driver Tuneup to keep your system drivers updated.

Download from: http://driverdetails.com/ and http://driver-tuneup.com/


3. Advanced Password Manager


As we all are used to online banking, or we look up our credit scores online. Have you ever thought there are people out there looking for such details to steal your money and leaving these details online is like feeding your details to the hackers?

So, to your rescue, we present a software that promises the ultimate protection against such identity thefts, Advanced Password manager.

 Advanced Password Manager is a vault across all your web browser’s that enables you to store your passwords at a single place. Here, you just have to save the details once for which the software would allow you to create a master key. From here the only thing you need to remember is the master key the rest of the passwords would be encrypted into it using AES-256 encryption technique. Still at any point of time if you don’t feel safe leaving the details online it also offers you to clean the traces. The only thing we would conclude about Advanced Password Manager is that it is the best encryption tool so far which provides you instant encryption for all your details.



4. Win Tonic

Win Tonic

Your PC's performance is gradually falling with time, and now you are suddenly concerned about it. Every user faces this situation, and the two thoughts that strike at this stage would be can my PC be fixed or will I have to go for a new one. And as we all know paying for a new one every year is trouble. So, most of us would prefer throwing our PCs or would end up struggling with the same.

So here let us introduce a program which is a one-stop solution for all your troubles. You got an issue, and it has a solution for everything your PC throws at it.

Win Tonic is the application. We have tried many apps so far, but this one has outperformed every other app in regards to low memory consumption, quick system scan, enhancing the system and cleaning all the bad sectors of your device.

It takes the disk cleaning concept to a whole new level. Developers have done their part well. Win Tonic has been refined so well that it can work with the lowest configuration. 

Download from: http://wintonic.net/

5. Malware Crusher

Malware Crusher

Today with a very high rating and its consistent performance since the day it was launched globally Malware Crusher has not let its users down. Malware Crusher has gained a huge mass of true users, and they have always been dependent on Malware Crusher for their system security. It comes loaded with all the features you would like your antivirus to have other than that it also gets the regular updates.

Malware Crusher detects and deletes tha latest infection wether it is a malware or a regular virus. It uses the latest rootkit removal technology to detect and quarantine the infections.

Download from: http://malwarecrusher.com/


6. Ad blocker


Malware authors are now buying advertising media of the world’s most well-known websites, and they stack them up with malicious content that is distributed to the user's PC via different forms of advertisement banners. And once a malware is on your PC, the consequences are harsh. Your personal data might get stolen or your PC might get infected with a ransomware. Now, the quickest and most effortless approach to stop such malicious ads from showing up on your screen is to enable the ad-blocker.

It is a compact tool that entirely lightens up your browsing experience. An adblocker can make your browsing quicker as by blocking all the unwanted ads the browser can focus on loading the actual website instead of the ads. This also saves the data, and then your internet plan would last longer than it usually does. The best feature an ad-blocker has to offer is to block the ads while viewing a video on YouTube.

Download from: http://www.ad-blocker.org/AdBlockerChrome


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