Fix “err_spdy_protocol_error” Permanently on Google Chrome Fix “err_spdy_protocol_error” Permanently on Google Chrome
News    06/21/2021

Fix “err_spdy_protocol_error” Permanently on Google Chrome

Google errors are very common in our day to day life. They mostly occur when a user tries to visit a website from the Google search bar. Sometimes, we get an error of private connection and sometimes few page loading errors.

Fix Chrome Error "err_spdy_protocol_error" Permanently

Google’s Operating system (OS) is one of the best browsers with more than 1.5 billion websites on it. Today, Google Chrome has 59% of web traffic and billions of users. Moreover, Google is not far now to reach 1 billion users on its Google drive.

This will sound a bit odd but Google has 73% of the total browser market share!

This makes Google the biggest stakeholder in the search engine market.

Google Chrome OS

But, still the world of technology is neither perfect nor the technology giant Google is. Being positioned the best, Chrome still faces some glitches and errors.

Today in this article, you will know about the most common error of Google “err_spdy_protocol_error”. This is the very common error that we face while browsing the internet.

What are Google errors?

Google errors are very common in our day to day life. They mostly occur when a user tries to visit a website from the Google search bar. Sometimes, we get an error of private connection and sometimes few page loading errors.

Errors in Google Chrome browser are related to the internet stability issues.


Before we further move towards the types of Google errors; make sure you have understood the above. Different errors in Google holds different reasons, causes, and issues. Let’s take a look at varieties of Google errors.

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5 Common Google Errors

Each browser on the internet will display different errors on different pages. Though their display is different, the meaning of each kind of error on different browser remains the same.

  • Certificate Error – This error indicates the problem with HTTPS encryption. Basically, it means every website running on the internet should have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Display of certificate error means a user is not connecting to a legitimate website.
    Therefore, buy SSL certificate to avoid certificate error.
  • Malware and Phishing Warnings – Our browser always downloads lists of dangerous websites while we do browsing. Thus, this malware and phishing attack many steal your personal sensitive issues.
    Note: To get rid of malicious malware, install Free Malware Removal Tool (used by millions of Chrome users).
  • Error 404 Not Found – Suppose you type a wrong address on the address bar, the web page you are looking for becomes inaccessible. In one more case, if the web page is removed then the same error will display.
  • Customized Error Pages – By the word customization, we understand that errors for 404 show customizations in them. These are specially designed error pages that are friendly and helps you to find the page you are looking for.
  • Server Not Found – This Google error entirely depends upon the network connectivity.  It comes when your DNS is down or the security system is proxy.

There exist quite a few more errors but these 5 Google errors are the most common ones.

Before we go further, let’s talk a bit about spdy_protocol_error.


To understand this error, it is important to get the knowledge of Protocol Error. Protocol errors occur when a user tries to communicate with a server before assembling the application.


SPDY is a Google Chrome’s protocol which was designed to load web pages faster. SPDY Protocol also enhances the web page security. Since SPDY is running with HTTP, chances of vulnerability issues are always there.


Two main reasons behind the display of spdy_protocol_error are

  • First using an outdated version of web chrome browser. An outdated version will not support the browser’s protocol. Sometimes, the user also faces DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_INTERNET because of an old browser version.
  • The second reason is antivirus blocking or Firewall blocking don’t allow your browser to function in its full potential.

Last year, chrome and HTTP 2 were having some issues due to which Google couldn’t support SPDY Protocol. HTTP 2 is a three-layer binary coding. The first layer reduces the bandwidth, second reduces the loading time and third improves internet securities.

The interface between chrome and HTTP 2 creates issues related to load time and web page security. Therefore, it is important to know the solutions to get rid of this error.

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Fixing this error on a browser is a very simple task. Moreover, you don’t need any special hardware to help to solve this error. Solving errors temporarily is not our main aim. Thus, after following this guide you will become a master in removing this protocol error.

Temporary ways to minimize the risk of error_spdy_protocol_error

  • Whenever you face this error, close your browser window. Restart it again freshly. Well, this is a very simple fix but it is a quiet easiest way to solve it quickly.
  • If you are trying to access any specific website and suddenly face this error. Then better to access that particular website in chrome browser’s INCOGNITO MODE.

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Clear browsing history

Sometimes the speed of the browser becomes slow due to the downloaded malware. To solve this problem, clear all the saved and browsing data from browser history. If you don’t know how to remove browsing history, then follow below points:

  • Go to the settings >> clear browsing data, this window will appear

Click on clear browsing data. Maybe now the SPDY (speedy) error is solved completely. You can clear host cache and DNS cache too!

Clear Browsing history

  • Flush SPDY Sockets in Google chrome – This is a permanent solution and will work for most of the times. To solve spdy sockets error follow this guide -
  1. Open a new chrome tab on the browser window.
  2. Paste this link on the address bar chrome://net-internals/#sockets 
  3. Press enter!
  4. You will be directed to the sockets setting page.
  5. Click on Flush Socket Pools.
  6. ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is solved now.

Suppose, no trick works then, it is better to uninstall your chrome and then

reinstall it again. We saw 4 solutions to remove SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR. If still, you get the problem then feel free to comment down on the section below.

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