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How to Remove Search.searchdconverter.com Browser Hijacker? How to Remove Search.searchdconverter.com Browser Hijacker?
Browser hijacker | 09/18/2017

How to Remove Search.searchdconverter.com Browser Hijacker?

Download Converter Now (Search.searchdconverter.com) is a type of browser hijacker that takes control of your browser and changes the default homepage & search engine. It adds two types of thumbnails to the homepage: Convert to DOC & Convert to PDF.

It also adds a shortcut of these two thumbnails in the toolbar. If you convert any doc or pdf using these converters attached with this browser hijacker, it may corrupt your files & tamper with these converted files without your permission. But there’s nothing to worry. You can easily remove Download Converter Now (Search.searchdconverter.com) by downloading our Tool Here. 

When installed in your PC, this browser hijacker sets its own homepage and search engine for your web browser using ‘https://search.yahoo.com’

How does this get into my computer?

While we surf the internet, we may happen to click on random ads or links which in turn install unknown extensions on your browser. The Download Convert Now hijacker gets on your PC through such ads and links. Download of such infected extensions can be avoided. How? When you are given a prompt to accept or decline the installation process, you are supposed to select ‘Decline’. This will avoid installing the infected extension. Or it gives you another way to install the extension on your browser by prompting you to ‘Add Extension’ or ‘Cancel’. If you choose the former, it gets installed.

Targeted Browsers

This browser hijacker acts differently on different browsers. It targets

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer

Detected Behavior

If you’ve accidentally become a victim to this browser hijacker, you’ll notice the following behaviors:

  1. When you launch the infected browser, the homepage has been changed and it also adds bookmarks to the toolbar: ‘pdf to doc’ and ‘doc to pdf’.
  2. The search engine has been changed and redirects to a different search engine.
  3. It may search any text string on Search.searchdconverter.com.
  4. It adds thumbnails of converters on your default homepage.
  5. More than one extension may be added to your browser.

How to Remove ‘Download Search Converter Now’?

This is a step-by-step comprehensive guide to help you in removing the hijacker installed on your machine. Follow these steps in correct order so that you don’t end up harming your computer further.

  1. Removing search.searchdconverter.com browser hijacker using Download Converter Now removal tool.
  2. Removing search.searchdconverter.com browser hijacker using manual steps.

Scan your PC with search.searchdconvertnow.com

  1. Download search.searchdconverter.com RemovalTool by clicking on the given link:
    search.searchdconverter.com RemovalTool
  2. As soon as you will open the downloaded file a security warning pop-up will appear as shown below, click on ‘Run’ button.NOTE: You will not see this pop-up in Windows 10.
  3. Again a pop-up window will appear. Click on ‘Yes’.
  4. A setup window will appear. Click on ‘Next’ button to start the process of installation.
  5. Automatically it will detect and show the active threats present in your system.
  6. To remove all the threats which are detected, click on ‘Clean Now’.
    NOTE: If any browser are still running, close all the open browsers before proceeding.
  7. A pop-up will show you all the infected files, folders and registry entries has been removed successfully.

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