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How to take good care of your Computer/ Laptop?  How to take good care of your Computer/ Laptop?
News | 07/16/2018

How to take good care of your Computer/ Laptop?

When was the last time you checked your PC health? Do you know your PC requires a regular Check Up!!!

Tips to take good care of your Laptop

Malware is a popular term for system malfunctioning these days. It is essential for you to take excellent care of your laptop, to get maximum performance from it. For many people, a computer is like their office.

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How to take good care of your Computer Laptop


To get you the right information, here we have listed down some basic tips to take good care of your computer/ laptop. Following tips work as a life-saver for everyone who works on this machine.

  • Don't keep it turned on

Laptops come with travel-friendly design and most people work on their laptops while traveling and they keep it turned on for hours and days. If you keep your laptop turned on for hours and days, its performance will lower down and eventually, it will start causing serious problems. What you need to do is keep your laptop turned off after using it.

Don't Keep Your Laptop Turned On

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  • Keep your laptop in a dry place

It is always recommended by the experts to keep your electronic devices in the dry place. You should use your laptop or computer in the dry area. If it gets hot due to high CPU usages, you should restart it, and it will typically work without getting hot. You should use your new laptop in the room temperature.

Keep your laptop in a dry place.

  • Save your Screen

Laptop's screen is very fragile, and it can be broken down quickly with a single fall. While cleaning your laptop screen, hold it properly and use a soft cloth to clean it up. After finish, your work, keep your laptop in a protected cover so the screen can stay protected.

  • Avoid Laptop from other appliances

You should not keep your laptop close to the appliances with a strong magnetic field. You should keep your laptop away from Televisions, refrigerators, and loudspeakers. You should also keep your smartphone away from the laptop to protect them both. Magnetic Field is not suitable for your Laptop as it directly affects the performance of it.

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  • Keep the lid closed.  

The lid of your laptop has a fragile screen, and you have to keep the lid of the Laptop closed when not in use. When you keep the lid open, dust and other particles get to stick to it which is not good for the health of your laptop. To keep it clean from dirt, you should always close down the lid after its use. It also keeps the battery and other components dust-free which is very essential for the performance of your Laptop. If you keep your laptop dust-free, it will perform like a new one always.

  • Don't place it on the Pillow

Laptops get easily overheated due to high CPU usages. Most people don't become aware of the exhaust process of the air from Laptops, and they use it on the blanket and pillow. When you place the laptop either on the blanket or the pillow, there will be no place for air transferring and your laptop will start heating. You would notice it in just a few minutes. It is better for you to place your laptop on a flat surface from where air can be circulated easily. This way, you can keep your laptop cool down, and it will run smoothly for hours.

Don't place your Laptop on the Pillow

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  • Use quality-laptop bag

In today's era, laptops and computers have become a part of everyone's lives, and for that reason, you should always keep it in a quality laptop bag. There are many types of high-quality laptop bags available in the market which can protect your laptop from everything. This will keep it protected from drops and dust. Maintain a habit of carrying it in the quality laptop bag only.

Use quality-laptop bag

  • Keep it free from extra hardware

In a laptop, we can watch videos through CDs and DVDs, USB flash drives and hard drives. We recommend you to remove the CD or DVD or any other hardware while traveling. Keep your laptop free from additional hardware while not in use. You are also known to keep it turned off if not in use. If your computer is not working correctly, laptop repair should be your priority.

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