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Latest Ransomware Attack Exposed Data Of 85,000 Patients In California Latest Ransomware Attack Exposed Data Of 85,000 Patients In California
Ransomware,News | 05/01/2018

Latest Ransomware Attack Exposed Data Of 85,000 Patients In California

Ransomware lockdown caused after hackers hit three major centers for Orthopaedic Specialists, in February.

The Center for Orthopedic Specialists (COS) based in California is informing 85,000 of its present and former patients that a ransomware attack on its IT merchant may have ruptured their information.


While the COS computer systems were under the attack by the ransomware. It impacted three of its location in Simi Valley, West Hills and Westlake Village on 24th Feb.


Hackers had locked down the user data by encrypting the systems.


Rapidly after the attack was exposed, the IT vendor of Center for Orthopaedic Specialists took the system offline trying to limit the damage.


Soon after which they implemented preventative measures to avoid a future attack.


Compromised information includes medical records, demographic data, Social Security Number and insurance information.


Identity protection services for two years are being offered for free along with protection cover of a $1 million.


The examination couldn't reveal whether the information was exfiltrated, yet authorities said it doesn't appear that the hackers were able to do so.


This new ransomware attack is just the latest in a continuing trend of the ever-evolving malware.


Viewing the continuing trend of an ever-evolving malware this new ransomware is one of its examples.


The attacks on Hancock Healthcare drove the Indiana provider to pen and paper. It thrashed the healthcare sector in the early part of the year. And also, the high-profile SamSam attack on EHR vendor Allscripts as well. 


The name of the ransomware strain or the IT vendor is still to be revealed by the Center for Orthopaedic Specialists.


Department of Health and Human Services this month warned that the SamSam variant is targeting healthcare.


The ransomware risk to the sector is expected to continue in the inevitable future.


Along with contingency and business continuity plans HHS recommends the use of data backups, to “ensure smooth functioning in the event of a ransomware attack.”

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