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Antivirus | List of 5 Best Free & Paid Antivirus 2017 - 2018 Antivirus | List of 5 Best Free & Paid Antivirus 2017 - 2018
News | 10/13/2017

Antivirus | List of 5 Best Free & Paid Antivirus 2017 - 2018

Antivirus is something that must be first on your checklist as it would be the only thing that stands against every malicious program that tries to evade your PC.

Top five Antivirus software of 2017

In today’s, we have witnessed a lot of hacking activities going on. It has always been in the news and the ways we must follow to prevent the hackers from getting into our computer’s. Everyone today wants to know the best antivirus program to secure their computer. So, let us have a look at few of the best antivirus programs.

1. Free Malware Removal Tool

Free Malware Removal Tool

Every program does the same thing they protect your computer. So, how come this program has acquired the first position among all? It is the goodwill of the developers they worked hard for such a strong firewall and guess what! It is free with all those premium features. We would recommend you to get hold of this application as it is in the introductory phase a and the developers are rolling out for free. Now let us talk about the features of this newly introduced program. Do you need an antivirus program or do you need an anti-malware program or do you want them both? We can just hope that you are looking for the best firewall, then you are in the right spot this is the best application which provides protection against both virus and the malware. And the reason we are full of praises about it is that the developers have done so well on it and they want us to try it out for free of cost. Kudos! To the developers even though we have another antivirus let us give it a try to Free Malware Removal Tool.

Download from: Free Malware Removal Tool Download

2. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection

When we talk about anti-virus how can we not count McAfee in the last few years it has proved out as one of the best security application. Many manufacturers now provide McAfee preinstalled on their computers, that is the kind of reputation McAfee has maintained in the previous years, and we hope it does the same in the future.

McAfee promises total protection for your system. You got an infection McAfee has a fix for it. It would throw the infection out of your system without leaving any traces behind.

3. Norton 360 2017

Norton 360

When it comes to security, Norton would be the name that strikes us first as it was the first antivirus that we know which took over the market in early 90's. It has still sustained its position among the leading antivirus in the world. It constantly works on its versions, and the current stable release we are using is You can always depend on Norton for your computer security.

Some computer manufacturers have followed Norton from a long time and their computers still come pre-loaded with Norton antivirus.

4. Bitdefender Internet Security 2017

Bitdefender Internet Security 2017

The first ever Bitdefender was seen in 2001, since then it has always been among the best antivirus applications people have faith in. It comes loaded with all the features you would like your antivirus to have other than that it also gets the regular updates. This is why it has always been among the best programs it is the hard work of the team that always pays off.

5. Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky stands at 5th position in our list. It comes from Kaspersky Labs which is a Russian multinational cybersecurity and antivirus provider. It rolled out internationally in 2005-2006. Today with a very high rating and its consistent performance from the time it was launched internationally has not let down its users. Kaspersky has gained a huge mass of true users, and they have always been dependent on Kaspersky for their system security.


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