Benefits of AI Algorithms in Email Marketing: Personalization and Segmentation Benefits of AI Algorithms in Email Marketing: Personalization and Segmentation
News    07/22/2021

Benefits of AI Algorithms in Email Marketing: Personalization and Segmentation

One of the most progressive and successful methods of improving the ROI is email marketing.

One of the most progressive and successful methods of improving the ROI is email marketing. This subset of digital marketing acquires major portions of the strategy development and hence requires diligence and dedication of the marketer.

This conventional strategy when amalgamated with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies yield superior quality results. The benefits of personalization and segmentation are commendable and that is the reason why it is still in the trend. Owing to the wide usability and easy approach, AI could definitely improve your email marketing strategies. This article vividly discloses the unseen benefits that advanced AI can provide in your email marketing planning. So, if you wish to improve your current marketing status or, planning to create a new one now, you have landed at the right place. We will discuss in detail the advantages of using AI in your email marketing plans.

1. Honing Subject lines

Do you wonder, why you read a particular mail and skip the other? Well, the answer is really simple. The mail that you opened intrigued you and successfully created an eagerness about the inner content through its subject line. The ignored mail, however, failed to do so. Therefore, in order to be able to communicate your business to potential customers and current clients you will have to ensure that they open your emails.

Now, half a decade ago, it would take a talented copywriter to write the mail and frame the Subject line, but not today. Now you can very easily create quirky subject lines with the help of AI algorithms and get the work done. It is reported that emails with AI algorithms generated subject lines were opened more frequently than the ones created by a copywriter. Additionally, the subject lines created by a copywriter are a result of the hit and trial method where the guarantee of success is ambiguous but AI-generated subject lines were formed with the help of detailed research and analysis while coding the algorithms.

So, now you know how big industrial firms are gaining in the market. These companies market through emails and use AI to generate subject lines and instigate the users to open their mails.

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2. Classy Personalization

Everybody loves personal attention. The rule undoubtedly applies to your receivers as well. The trend of getting personalized emails has been spreading like a forest these days. The craze has developed so much so that the receivers expect a certain amount of personalization.

An email addressed to 'dear customer' or maybe just simply 'dear user' may simply force the person to ignore the mail or maybe report it as spam and further unsubscribe the mailing platform so that they won't receive any future emails from you. This could be your worst nightmare. But, don't you worry. With advanced AI features, you can personalize the emails much more than merely replacing 'dear customer' with their respective names.

With updated AI algorithms you can suggest some products through automated products recommendations technology, and include them in the email based on an intricate analysis of the customer data and machine learning. According to a recent study by Campaign Monitor, you can ensure 26% more conversions and 5 times higher transaction rates.

3. Curating the Content

The content for the entire mail can also be automated with the help of AI. Just like the subject line, AI has the power to analyze different types of content for the mails, mix them and then curate fascinating content for your emails.

Hitherto, creating the content for emails required a lot of effort, and keeping track of the growth was also difficult. Manual creation of content is prone to misinformation and grammatical errors which can hamper the reputation of the organization. AI-generated content, on the other hand, is formed by keeping in mind the engagement experience and information to be provided.

AI could also cut down the temporal and monetary cost of drafting emails and hence reduces the overall cost of your marketing campaigns.

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4. Determining the Timeline

The biggest flex for marketers is determining appropriate time intervals at which the mails will be sent. Analyzing how often your customers will receive emails from you and at what time also plays a significant role in your business growth.

Conventional methods used were uncertain as they didn't promise any positive results and were highly based on the hit and trial method. Those methods were developed out of improving upon the failure and hence yielded improper results. But not now, today modernized technology has turned the tables.

You can judiciously use AI in determining the best time to send emails and also developing a proper time-interval strategy between two consecutive mails. This saves a lot of time and effort thereby enabling marketers to focus on other areas of the business.

5. Customer Segmentation and Retargeting

Are you worried about the abandoned items in the carts of your customers? Then you should definitely switch to AI which will intelligently pitch your customers to buy the product through emails and will further reduce the abandonment rate of your sales cart.

These AI algorithms distinguish between the customer's need to re-think about their added items and then send them customized emails to remind them to complete their purchase. These algorithms further recommend similar products and help customers to optimize their purchases. For instance, ABC may buy the product right after you send them an email but XYZ may take a day or two to make the purchase. Through AI you can analyze the types of customers and send them emails intelligently to improve your ROI.

All the above-mentioned tactics could be used to generate organic sales and improve the engagement rate of your business. With growing technology, updating is the only way to survive. The only goal is to improve the ROI and sales graphs of the business. Hope you found the article useful. Share your reviews and suggestions in the comment section.


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