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Top 5 Android Apps to Download Movies Online Top 5 Android Apps to Download Movies Online
News | 01/21/2019

Top 5 Android Apps to Download Movies Online

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Millions of people are interested in watching movies and TV shows on their SmartPhones instead of visiting the cinema halls in general. People who don’t have enough time to spend with family may highly prefer Android applications to download movies online.

Once downloaded the movies online, they used to watch the movies offline that whenever they want with their family during weekends.

If you are looking for downloading the best movies to watch on your SmartPhones, then you can follow the mentioned list of apps below.

By following the applications below, you can choose any one of the best apps based on the features you demand.

After the successful downloading of this application, you can start to watch the movies and TV shows in different categories at free of cost. However, some of the applications may demand a subscription charge for the usage.

Most of the applications don’t allow the ads to pop in between watching the movies and TV shows.

At this stage, you can go for choosing the right applications by following the list.

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  • Vidmate

You can find very few applications are available to allow the users to watch movies and TV shows with loads of episodes. However, it is difficult to find the options to download the videos. Well, this amazing Vidmate application is the best thing where you can download the videos from any online video streaming platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion and more.

The downloading process can be done without paying a single penny as per demands using this best Android app to download Movies Online. It is also simple for the users to access. Download VidMate APK now.

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  • Tubi TV

Looking for a huge collection of movies and TV shows to watch on your Android device, then it is possible with the usage of Tubi TV legally. The application will update fresh contents for the users to offer every week. As per convenience, you can choose any of the categories like classic, action, and others. It requires an internet connection to connect and watch the videos for free in a legal way.

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  • Crackle

This amazing application is said to be the best thing when it comes to offering the movies and TV shows in a huge collection. It mainly offers the original collection of contents to watch for free of cost. With a number of features in this application, it is considered to be one of the best applications to download for watching the movies for free. The user can also pause the video that whenever required and resume it to watch again later.

  • Terrarium TV

It will let the user watch any kind of movies and TV shows from different genres. The application is not available for the users to stream but also provide the option to download. Also, you can easily find the respective episodes of TV shows to watch if you missed watching on Television. It has the simple user interface where anyone can easily start to use it on Android devices.


The application is popular for its amazing features which are hidden in it and allow the users to watch free movies. When it comes to TEATV application, it has the collection of movies as well as TV shows to choose for watching. If you want to watch the movies in HD, then you can choose the quality of 1080p and start to watch it.

  • MediaBox HD App

MediaBox HD App is a video streaming app designed for your Android devices. This app offers you the best collection of entertainment for free. MediaBox HD has new contents for you each day.

The app will also notify its users if a new content of interest comes up. Many of the video streaming apps will have a premium version for which you will have to pay fees. But MEDIABOX HD is not so. All the contents are open to everyone. All you need is an active internet connection.
It is easy to download MediaBox HD APK on Android. We have made it easier for you by providing a detailed procedure to download the app safely.
Mediabox HD is available on iOS and it is the fastest streaming app with high performance on all iOS devices. There is no requirement for a subscription fee or registration. This way, your details are not shared with any unknown source.


Hope the list of exciting applications which are useful for you to watch the collection of movies and TV shows. Without finding any hassles, you can get these Android Apps to download Movies Online for free and start to get the best watching experience on your Android devices.

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