Best iPhone Parental Control Tips to Keep Your Children Safe Online Best iPhone Parental Control Tips to Keep Your Children Safe Online
News   03/28/2019

Best iPhone Parental Control Tips to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Before children reach adolescence, it is somehow easy to bring them up. Here are the Tips to Keep Your Children Safe Online by using Best iPhone Parental Control

The fact that parents are constantly worried about the safety of their children did not start yesterday, it has been there for ages. This is because it is only the parent that understands the pain of seeing his/her children get hurt, especially by things that could easily be controlled.

And the exposure of children to risky behavior that can turn out to harm our children has been made worse by the internet. Children are now able to meet new people, establish relationships some of which might be very dangerous for the well-being of our children.

For this reason, as a parent, one needs to be aware of some of the tips that can help keep children safe online.

Reasons why parental control is necessary

Before children reach adolescence, it is somehow easy to bring them up. This is because at this age, they are respectful, and will always want to listen to you, and will obey whatever thing you tell them. The problem sets in when they become adolescents.

At this stage, children are easily influence by their peers. You will notice that they become too secretive, doing everything on their iPhones or Android devices. It is at this point that you need to play your role as a parent, and try to find out what they are up to so that you can intervene as soon as possible. Let us look at some of the reasons why parental control is vital in a child’s life.

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Increased cases of cyberbullying

Which parent will sit pretty when his/her daughter is being traumatized by online bullies? In this era of the internet, people are quick to troll others online, calling them all sorts of names. This is mostly against ladies. It is thus necessary to understand what you daughter is doing online for you to know when she is being bullied.

Use of drugs

Drugs are consuming our sons and daughters right in front of our eyes. But the problem is, we only come to learn about this when it is a little bit late, when they already addicts. At this stage, it becomes quite hard to help, given that they literally cannot do without them.

It is essential for a parent to know when his son or daughter starts being introduced to substance abuse. In most cases, you will learn that the children actually learnt of drug abuse through their online friends, thus the need to control how they use social media platforms.

Target for criminal groups

Criminal cells are all over the internet, and are constantly looking for new members to recruit. They easily entice children with money and other gifts, and then eventually recruit them into these groups.

So what should you do to protect your kids from online dangers?

Install kid-safer browser for children

There are many browsers that are children-friendly, and cannot allow browsing of illegal stuff such as pornographic materials. Some of the most known safe browsers include Maxthon and Zoodles. These browsers have free versions, but you can also subscribe for their premium versions, which come with advanced features.

You can also set google into a safe search mode. With such settings in place, you can block explicit content or offensive material.

Utilize available resources to monitor your children

There are many resources that we can use to ensure that our children are safe. Many have recommended applications like Cocospy iPhone parental monitoring, which allows you to monitor social media accounts of our children.

The good thing with some of these applications is that they allow parents to access even the deleted information. This makes it possible to track the line of chatting that your kid might have been involved in.

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Have a separate account for kids on your computer

To ensure that your kids don’t access content that might not be appropriate for them, which you might be accessing, you need to set up a different account on the computer. This is necessary especially if you share your computer with your kids.

As an adult, you cannot limit yourself from browsing some sites, or downloading some content onto your computer. But such content or sites might be too much for your kids and thus you need set up a different account for them.

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Make your kids aware of the dangers involved when browsing

While many parents believe that online dangers come from strangers, the truth is that some of the dangers come from people that are well known to the children. This makes it hard for you to protect your children when browsing, as they might meet the people they know online.

As a parent, it will work better if you educate your children the dangers that they might encounter while browsing. You should teach your children to be careful when posting things online, and not to share personal information that can compromise their security.

Encourage the children to speak up

iPhone tracking apps like Cocospy or any other cannot be better than you when it comes to securing your children against online influence. But this will be a toll order if you fail to maintain a good and open relationship with them.

To safeguard them, you have to encourage the kids to be open to you, share anything they suspect that they might have seen online. This way, you will be able to take appropriate action as a parent.

Note that when children are browsing, they might chat with very close relatives online. And when the children trust these people, it might be hard for them to say no when requested to do something, even if they know it is not right.

But if you have a good and open relationship with the kids, they might report this to you, and then you can reprimand the relatives if they are trying to mislead the children.


There are a millions reasons why any parent would want to protect the children. And there is no limit to which they should go just to keep children safe, especially when surfing online. So even if it is to spy on your children, then you should not be afraid of signing up for a Cocospy application to ensure the safety of your children.

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