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Cybersecurity and Cyberlaw [Latest Trends in 2019] Cybersecurity and Cyberlaw [Latest Trends in 2019]
News | 02/26/2019

Cybersecurity and Cyberlaw [Latest Trends in 2019]

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Cybersecurity and Cyberlaw: 2019's Trends

Internet laws and security is evolving from the last two decades and is expected to bring out a revolution in 2019. With the coming new technologies, emerging technological models and increasing cybersecurity standards, cyber laws are still trying to find a space in the cyber world.

The rapid pace of these new technologies is moving in an eccentric manner such that making an accurate prediction in cyberlaw is impossible. However, based on cyber threats and use of AI and ML it is safe to point out a few important cyber law trends that will emerge in the year 2019.

2019 could become a year that will belong to new cybersecurity regulations. More countries will incline not only to implement existing National cybersecurity Laws but will also come up with a detailed cybersecurity legal policies related to the activities in the present ecosystem.

Different countries have made various drafts of their National Cybersecurity Laws, and the year 2019 will see more nations’ to define their roles, duties, and responsibilities in the cybersecurity.

Furthermore, the cybersecurity breaches will escalate in the coming year 2019. It is also likely to see more countries declaring and modifying their existing National Cybersecurity Strategies.

For countries not having cybersecurity strategies would want to come up in a pact with Global Cyber Security Policies additionally with the use of new technology.

This year, we can see related encryption regulations. According to this, more countries will reemphasize on forcing service providers and corporates to share information on backdoors, encryption algorithms, and technologies.

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The trend which Australia has set by coming up with its own National Anti-Encryption Law is likely to get a boost for other subsequent legislation in the other nations of the world.

The growth of Artificial Intelligence is also a concern. Not only Artificial Intelligence will change aspects of human endeavor and activities, but more significantly, we will see concerted efforts from the lawmakers and policymakers to address the issues related to Artificial Intelligence.

We will further see the enhancement in codes of conducts of Artificial Intelligence developers. In support of this, the USA is already coming up with few amendments to driverless cars.

The amendment is an improved version of 2018’s driverless cars policies whose focus was mainly on cybersecurity as a part of their manufacturing processes. In addition to it, one more system will introduce for the legal liability of driverless cars in any accidental event.

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Despite the very fluctuations in the cryptocurrencies, the crypto ecosystem will grow substantially. Also, there are chances that the number of countries will come up with licensed regulatory frameworks for crypto assets and cryptocurrencies.

Different national and international legislation will elaborate on these legal frameworks to promote Blockchain. The increasing usage of Blockchain in the different areas of our lives gives a chance to enable legal frameworks and legislation throughout the different nation-state for supporting the further growth of crypto-related assets and business activities.

Belarus and Malta, in Europe and Africa respectively already have national legislation and legal frameworks to promote Blockchain. They would effectively help in implementing the same structures internationally for the further growth of the Blockchain ecosystem.

In the year 2019, we will see the evolution of new technologies, applications, and the latest technological paradigms altogether helping in the expansion of cyberlaw.

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Watching evolution in cyber jurisdiction, cyberworld’s technologies, legal frameworks, etc. will be unfolding in few months of 2019.  It will be interesting to watch how many trends emerge out this year.

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