Home News FMovies Review - Is it safe to watch Movies on FMovies?
FMovies Review - Is it safe to watch Movies on FMovies? FMovies Review - Is it safe to watch Movies on FMovies?
News | 09/19/2018

FMovies Review - Is it safe to watch Movies on FMovies?

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FMovies - Detailed Review

A website popular for streaming pirated movies. One among the leading alternatives to former 123Movies; fmovie has gained a huge fan following in the recent years as it offers an extensive list of top-rated movies.

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What is FMovies?

FMovies is a website that offers free movies, with a whole list of latest releases.

It also has a section where you can browse through the movies according to their release year and genres.

It is one of the most widely recognized websites for streaming free movies online and most of the times it is the first site where you can watch the latest movies as soon as they are out at the theaters.

Also, we have observed the website streams movies that are still to be released, which is illegal any day.

Streaming a movie with a quality benchmark below DVD or Blu-ray can be pretty much considered to be illegal. Unluckily this tends to be the case with FMovies.

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Is it safe? Is it legit?

The practice followed by fmovie to list movies is insecure. As the major problem is that it provides links to movies redirecting to other websites, following pay and password websites, wanting you to register with these 3rd party sites before you could watch any movie.

Is fmovie safe to download free movies?

It also makes use of misleading links to open ads automatically, which links your system to malware and downloads that are a threat to your system.

We tested FMovies multiple times on operating system running both Windows and Mac, and nearly within an hour, we found the systems were infected with multiple viruses.

Before browsing through FMovies, make sure that you are running on the latest version of your antivirus and also that it is up to date.

Followed by which you will have to reassure that you are running the latest version of Java on the operating system to avoid any uncertainties.

We would also recommend that you use a VPN for the same.

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Can You Stream Free Movies on FMovies?

While FMovies is one of the most widely recognized free movie streaming sites, it is a critical reminder that most of their content is hosted via third-party websites.

This is done as a strategic move by the site owners, but it also means that you may have to open visit another site, another browser tab, or go through a survey and even be pressed to download something to before you can watch a movie.

This means that you can’t always watch movies that are listed on the site.

Will I get in trouble?

You won’t land into a legal trouble for streaming movies on a site like FMovies, but it is a definite legal possibility.

While media publishers hardly go after people who watch movies illegally, they would still be in their legal rights to trail you.

The 6 strikes law in the United States is a guideline that permits your ISP to reduce your bandwidth if they send you 6 notices and you still continue watching movies illegally, so that may also be something.

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If you already have strikes against you, your ISP may add a strike for watching on FMovies. They will, of course, do this while they claim that they are not logging or tracking you.

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Conclusion: Is the new FMovies better than 123Movies

We can only assist you to steer away from FMovies, it’s not worth the risk. The site is considered to be a dynamic legal target for the MPAA, similar was the case with FMovies.

To worsen the matter, FMovies is designed to be misleading and looks as if it does not care about your privacy.

The people running the site force deceptive ads and malware on their users.

There are multiple legal options for watching movies online, and there is even a decent selection of legal free websites for streaming movies. Any of them would be a better option than FMovies.




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