The Most Awaited Features of Google Maps is Here. Check It out The Most Awaited Features of Google Maps is Here. Check It out
News    04/11/2019

The Most Awaited Features of Google Maps is Here. Check It out

The latest and most awaited features of Google Maps has been rolled out now. Google has added two new 'add a report' options that help expand its functionality

Sneak Peek at the Most Awaited Features of Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular web mapping services in the world, as it provides users a platform that allows them to navigate and travel more conveniently than ever before.

To make Google Maps more useful, Google has recently introduced two new ‘Add a report’ options that help expand its functionality.

While the first one lets the app know about a possible crash and show others different routes, the second one alerts them about upcoming speed traps on the way.

However, Google is not stopping at just that, going forward, the team is rolling out the third ‘Add a report’ option in the app called ‘Slowdown’ that will notify users about traffic jams more quickly.

The new Slowdown feature aims to deliver the information that the route you’re heading towards has a slow movement, so the others can quickly take a different route.

Earlier, there was no way for users to manually input an update indicating a traffic jam for others.

To make it easier for users to report traffic slowdowns that cause a delay, including accidents, Google has introduced a new ‘Add a report’ button on its navigation app.

Google Maps Traffic Slowdowns

However, it would require enough people to report in order to reflect the traffic slowdowns in your app.

Usually, when a road is blocked or the traffic jams for some reason, Google Maps gets the reporting data and takes time to reflect in your app.

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By the time it shows traffic slowdowns or the congestion (changing colors from green to orange to maroon), you might not be knowing about it, and may have reached the congestion point. This upcoming new report is going to tackle that issue.

While you may see more such features coming to Google Maps in future, the supreme ruler of the search engine has started testing what it assumes is the next big thing in the world of maps – Augmented reality navigation.

A recent update from Google Maps mentioned that the feature is already under tests with a small set of local guide users, and it will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks to those using the latest version of Maps.

The AR-based navigation system uses the smartphone’s camera, a Google Lens to identify various street signs and landmarks to give you the best possible directions.

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This primarily means that Google Maps combines the data and street view from Maps using the smartphone’s camera for easier and better navigation.

The upcoming new Google Maps feature are not yet available; however, the new updates are expected to unveil a lot of exciting features that are much awaited.

We may hear about new Google Maps personalized features at the upcoming Google IO developer’s conference that is scheduled to take place from May 7 to May 9.

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