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Google Removes 13 Malware Containing Gaming Apps from Play Store Google Removes 13 Malware Containing Gaming Apps from Play Store
News | 11/27/2018

Google Removes 13 Malware Containing Gaming Apps from Play Store

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13 Games Apps In Your Android Phone Has Malware In Them

Google reportedly removed 13 apps from its Play Store as those apps were installing malicious malware in the Android devices. This came after a tweet of security Researcher Lukas Stefanko who demonstrated, how those games are fake?

After knowing the fake icons of the apps, Google immediately removed all of them from the Play Store. Unfortunately, these apps are already downloaded 560,000 times which is close to half a million. Additionally, many of these apps were even in the list of ‘trending’ apps on the Play Store.

The apps have no legitimate functionality but request the users to install APK called ‘Game Center.’ Once it gets installed and launched, it hides and displays advertisements whenever the device is unlocked.

Stefanko first warned people about these apps on November 19, 2018. To the surprise of many, the developer of all these apps was same named Luiz O Pinto. Since the apps are not legitimate, they display malicious advertisements which further inject viruses, malware, browser hijackers and adware type threats into the android device.

Although the games were bogus, but few of those thirteen games were highly infectious. Below is the list of all malicious game apps:

This is not the first time when someone snuck a malware onto the Google Play Store. The developer hid their existence on victims’ smartphones(Android devices) by removing their icons from the home screen. Further, they asked people to install another file whose purpose was to displays ads.

Truck Cargo Simulator

This game is in a modern city where a player must deliver cargo to different places. The fantastic graphics and smart traffic system let players feel real drive simulation of the truck. Cargo Truck Drive enable players to experience the simulation of road traffic while giving extensive driving experience. Race with time to deliver the cargo with the realistic drive of a truck simulator.

Extreme Car Driving Racing

This 3D Simulator is the best car simulator game of 2014. The game is based on the advanced real physics engine. With which you can drive, drift and feel the sports racing car. Be a furious racer perform illegal stunt actions and run at full speed and let the police chase you.

City Traffic Moto Racing

City Traffic Moto Racing brings satisfying traffic dodging experience. Drive endless on the highway and have fun to dodge vehicles while you speed up to the limit.

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Moto Cross Extreme Racing

Are you ready to drive cars and bikes in dangerous Jungles and forests? Prepare for a high-speed race and compete with other moto racers. Jump over the burning ring of fire, perform extreme stunts, backflips and frontflips while being an adventure seeker.

Hyper Car Driving Simulator

This supercars driving simulator guarantees realistic car damage and accurate driving physics. It is a free app that lets you drive a supercar vehicle. This game has three different modes to choose from CITY+Track; In the CITY; 2 cities + port mode.

Extreme Car Driving City

Drive your sports car through the traffic to enjoy the fast-paced, thrilling racing game. Become the best racer and earn points for buying new faster cars.

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Firefighter — Fire Truck Simulator

Welcome to the American firefighter where you have to play the role of a brave man. Save the city from fire and follow your mind map as a real firefighter. Designed as a rescue game, it has multiple levels.

Car Driving Simulator

It was the best car simulator of 2014, Play a racing sports car for free. Be a mad racer in the whole city for you. No need to apply brake due to traffic and race other rival vehicles.

Extreme Sports Car Driving 3D

This app is listed in the Racing category of the app store and was developed by AxesInMotion Racing's website. It supports all Android devices.

SUV 4×4 Driving Simulator

Fight roughly on the terrain to test the rally truck's power. Drive SUV 4x4 to feel the truck's power. Try driving without roads. An excellent rally for men!

Luxury Car Parking

Parking your car at the parking is the task before someone else occupy your space. Show your driving skills and clear all levels while honing your expertise. Modern graphics, realistic behavior of the vehicle, view from the cabin and lots of exciting levels with exciting tasks await you.

Luxury Cars SUV Traffic

Drive your luxury car through traffic and enjoy the fast-paced, thrilling arcade racing game. Become the best racer and drive through traffic at crazy speeds. Earn points and buy new faster cars.

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SUV City Climb Parking

This game ensures real car damage and accurate driving tactics. it is a free app that lets you drive a super vehicle. To continue to the next level, quickly drive the cars and safely park them in the correct spot!

Most of the games were racing games which immediately invoked the setComponentEnabledSettings API to remove icons from the home screen while actively running in the background.

For example, Extreme Car Driving City is named Change My Voice. Although the app does modify voice recordings but displays a large number of advertisements. While working undercover, the app checks the compromised device and ads redirects to URLs of blogs as if redirection is helping to get traffic to the blogs.

The majority of users belong to the Netherlands, the USA, the UK, India, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Sweden and Egypt.

Smartphone users are fighting hackers from a couple of years. For example, an auto-clicking malware called Judy was found in 41 apps. However, the number of apps infected were much higher. As per the estimations, the count remains between 8.5 million to 36.5 million Android users.

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Tips to Prevent virus and malware from Infecting Your System:
  1. Enable your popup blocker: Pop-ups and ads on the websites are the most adoptable tactic used by cybercriminals or developers with the core intention to spread malicious programs.
    So, avoid clicking uncertain sites, software offers, pop-ups etc. and Install a powerful ad- blocker for ChromeMozilla, and IE
  2. Keep your Windows Updated: To avoid such infections, we recommend that you should always keep your system updated through automatic windows update.By doing this you can keep your device free from virus.According to the survey, outdated/older versions of Windows operating system are an easy target.
  3. Third-party installation: Try to avoid freeware download websites as they usually install bundled of software with any installer or stub file.
  4. Regular Backup: Regular and periodical backup helps you to keep your data safe in case the system is infected by any kind of virus or any other infection.Thus always backup important files regularly on a cloud drive or an external hard drive.
  5. Always have an Anti-Virus: Precaution is better than cure. We recommend that you install an antivirus like ITL Total Security or a good Malware Removal Tool like Download Virus RemovalTool


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