10 New Photo Editing Software for Windows in 2019 10 New Photo Editing Software for Windows in 2019
News    04/04/2019

10 New Photo Editing Software for Windows in 2019

Are you looking for a new Photo Editing Software? Here is the list of 10 best Photo Editing Software for Windows in 2019. These photo editing software will change the look.

Are you looking for the new photo editing software for Windows to create spectacular photos with beautiful and high-impact visuals?

Whether you merely shoot with your smartphone or you’re a professional photographer, designer or artist with a studio, you need a software for organizing and enhancing your pictures.

With the rise of image-centric social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, an intuitive and easy to use photo editing software is essential in today's highly competitive marketplace.

The new photo editing software for Windows can help you to adjust clarity, color, tone, and create image manipulation effects to make your new shots the center of attention.


What are the new photo editing software for Windows in 2019?

Below are some of the new photo editing software available online on the basis of ease and popularity.

These photo editing software will change the look and feel of your photos in a single touch, go through the list and check out the 10 new photo editing software for Windows.

#1 Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom offers powerful photo editing features in an easy-to-use interface to create incredible photos anywhere.

Lightroom makes it simple to create photos and gives you everything you need to edit, organize, store and share your new shots across desktop, mobile and web.

Lightroom allows you to take your pictures to the next level with the most powerful set of features, including:

  • Face detection
  • Customized and professional filters
  • Customizable sliders & blurring tools
  • Multiple device support and sync service

Adobe Lightroom is undoubtedly a huge contender for the top spot in this list of new photo editing software for Windows.

#2 Adobe Photoshop

Whether you’re a novice or professional photographer, artist, or designer, Adobe Photoshop is the go-to tool to create and enhance photographs, illustrations, and 3D artwork.

From basic banners to beautiful websites, unforgettable logos to eye-catching icons, posters to packaging, Adobe Photoshop keeps the creative world moving.

With easy-to-use templates and intuitive tools, even beginners can play with colors, filters, effects and more to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Adobe Photoshop is currently rated among the top contenders on this list of the new photo editing software for Windows to turn your snapshots into works of art.

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#3 Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar elevates photo editing to a whole new level and its innovative technology allow professional photographers to make great looking images without extra efforts.

Luminar has a beautiful interface with a sleek canvas to enjoy and enhance your photography without extra distractions.

Luminar has gained considerable followers for its AI slider, which does a quick automatic fix for everything from brightening, clarity, toning and other necessary adjustments.

Skylum Luminar is a one-stop shop for photo editing and has quickly grown to become a strong professional grade contender to Adobe’s products.

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#4 ON1 Photo RAW

Our list of new photo editing software for Windows would be incomplete without this amazing software that you can try for free.

New ON1 Photo RAW is the ultimate photo editor; a perfect plug-in or alternative to Lightroom & Photoshop apps.

With feasible workflow application & intuitive tools, it provides a fast, smooth, comfortable, and fun photo editing experience while producing the highest quality results for your new pictures.

#5 Capture One Pro 12

Capture One 12 has been developed with image quality and ease-of-use controls which can perform basic image editing with intelligently engineered tools.

From graphics acceleration and keyboard shortcuts to customizable tools and instant tethered capture; Capture One Pro is built to deliver better, faster, and more creative control.

Capture One 12 doesn't offer Lightroom's cloud-based 'mobile' synchronization, but it does have hundreds of fast, stackable, re-editable, customizable photo effects, and image adjustment options that could provide endless creative possibilities.

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#6 PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro 2019 is one of the new photo editing software that allows millions of designers, photographers, and artists to create mesmerizing photo animations.

With dozens of brushes, color palettes, textures, and over 100 royalty-free backgrounds, PaintShop Pro provides the new photo editing experience.

PaintShop Pro 2019 is the affordable, user-friendly alternative to Photoshop that can transform your basic images into extraordinary photos with significant performance enhancements.

#7 PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a complete graphic design package that allows you to design from scratch with a blank canvas; juice it with bold graphics and fonts.

PicMonkey is an amazing photo editing app which will help you develop your design skills and bring out your creativity to easily transform images with dazzling filters and effects.

With 4300+ graphics, lush textures, tons of fonts, filters, and effects, PicMonkey allows you to build out the designs for your social posts, business needs, or personal projects.

#8 PortraitPro

PortraitPro is one of the world’s new-selling photo editing software specifically designed for pro photographers who specialize in portraits.

With a free trial, you can test out all the features of PortraitPro before you buy anything, which includes options to edit skin tone, remove blemishes or wrinkles from subject’s face, and add eyeshadows and more.

PortraitPro enhances every aspect of a portrait for beautiful results by adding your logo or watermark or creating artistic double exposures.

#9 Fotor

What if you don’t wear any makeup but still look perfect?

Fotor is a revolutionary cloud-based photo editing software that can easily remove acne, wrinkles, apply gorgeous makeup, reshape your face and body, whiten your teeth, and bring out the new in your portraits.

With thousands of attractive and professionally-designed templates, you can easily transform your portraits into something beautiful.

#10 DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab is an advanced photo editing software that offers the most flexible and powerful processing and correction tools on the market.

With adjustment technology and intuitive workflow, DxO PhotoLab provides you all the tools that help you enhance your new snapshots, from retouching all the way to exporting and printing.

DxO PhotoLab might come last in the list of 10 new photo editing software for Windows, but it is definitely worth to download.

Final Verdict

The apps listed above are our top-10 picks of new photo editing software for Windows in 2019.

Let us know your experience with these picks in the comments section below!


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