Checkout the Latest PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 Update. [The Darkest Night] Checkout the Latest PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 Update. [The Darkest Night]
News,Android,iOS    04/19/2019

Checkout the Latest PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 Update. [The Darkest Night]

PUBG Mobile recently released its new update v0.12.0. This latest update by PUBG Mobile has a zombie mode feature called Darkest Night. See the new features of darkest night.

PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 Update Released with a New Zombie Mode; “The Darkest Night”

The Big Picture: After bringing a Moonlight weather system in the Erangel and Miramar maps, a new G36C rifle for the Vikendi map, a new vehicle called Tukshai for Sanhok map with PUBG Mobile Beta v0.11.5, Tencent Games is now rolling out another v0.12.0 update that brings a new zombie mode; a crossover event mode in association with Resident Evil 2 called ‘Survive Till Dawn’.

This most-awaited update to the famous battle royal game brings a new companion pet system, a new “Darkest Night” zombie mode, changes to “Survive Till Dawn” as well as a host of new features such as RPG weapon, liquid nitrogen grenade, jungle-style double magazines, zombie dogs and more.

PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 Update – All You Need to Know

This new v0.12.0 update comes a week after PUBG Corp and Tencent Games announced the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019.

The first feature coming to the game is a zombie mode called “Darkest Night.”

In Darkest Night, players spawn in a random spot on the map, facing off against waves of zombie hordes and surviving for the night. Teams that could survive till dawn will win.

Let’s have a look at complete PUBG Mobile update 0.12 patch notes:

New Feature: EvoZone / Infinity Mode

  • Replaces Event mode
  • ‘Survive Till Dawn’ has been moved to this new EvoZone / Infinity mode
  • More updated modes will be added in the future

New EvoZone Mode: “Darkest Night” (Zombie Mode)

  • Stay alive for one night while fighting undead creatures.
  • All teams that are alive till dawn will win

‘Survive Till Dawn’ New Improvements

  • Now stun grenades can also stun zombies
  • New Liquid Nitrogen Grenades added to freeze enemies and reduce their movement speed
  • Added new jumping zombies and zombie dogs
  • Some zombies can now climb over walls or onto the roof
  • Added RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines
  • flamethrowers now can deal more damage
  • M134 handling has been modified
  • Daily missions can now be completed in ‘Survive Till Dawn’ mode.
  • Zombies now move slower after being smashed by firearms
  • ‘Survive Till Dawn’ quick chat messages to Default and Classic voice packs are now available

Additional Features

  • Now scope crosshair colors can be changed in settings.
  • Players now can swap portable closets while in a match
  • Treasure and spring theme is now available. And each draw guarantees a unique reward, and Sakura Dacia or Pink Rose Set is a definite drop when drawing 10
  • Automatic door opening has been adjusted
  • Dynamic weather odds have been attuned
  • Now players can Shop items as Favorites and will be notified when these items are on sale
  • More buildings have been added to Coal Mines, Dino Park, and Goroka in Vikendi
  • Friend invitation now display map and lag information
  • Players now can disable shadow effects to reduce heat, source consumption, and battery usage

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where hair was not revealed properly when equipping certain headgear
  • Fixed a bug where Season 6 Pants caused graphics malfunctions in certain footgear
  • Fixed a bug where doors were not shown properly
  • Fixed a bug where players getting stuck in certain buildings

So, these are some of the main talking points of this new PUBG Mobile update 0.12 which is out now for Android and iPhone on Google Play and the App Store respectively.


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