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Top 5 Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone in 2019 Top 5 Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone in 2019
News | 03/04/2019

Top 5 Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone in 2019

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Virtual reality is one of the greatest technology developed. Virtual reality allows you to observe the world in a totally new and different way. Virtual reality can be easily experienced through VR headsets on your device. These days virtual reality headsets are getting cheaper as well as better.

There are many companies creating VR headsets for different devices but which one is the best and capable with your smartphone? Here we are listing some of the best VR headphones you can use with your iPhone.

  • Utopia 360 VR headsets

The utopia 360 VR headsets are no doubt one of the best VR headsets you can use with your iPhone. These headsets feature several options, like simulated 360 degree views, that aren't available in these types of inexpensive headsets.

The quality of headsets is very good and comfortable to wear and the user can play games with these headsets very comfortably the headset also comes with a built-in action button. For more info you can check out this review of Utopia 360 VR Headsets from here.

The quality of the experience is totally dependent on your smartphone display and the controls feature 8 buttons which allows you to a different action in games.

  • Zeiss VR one plus headsets

These headsets come from a German manufacturer famous for its eyeglass and camera lenses. The quality of headsets Is very good and has a very good design to enhance user experience as it has a ventilation system and space for sound to come clearly from your I phone to your ear. The lens is fully adjusted in VR and don't need any further adjustments.

The quality of lenses used in these headsets is very good which helps to improve the vision and user experience.

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  • Blitz Wolf BR VR3

The blitz wold headsets offer you a very good and comfortable design adjustable pupil and focus distance. These headsets work with almost 500+ virtual reality apps and the quality provided by these headsets is good when compared with the price. The headsets also have heat dissipation system which is works well and keeps your smartphone temperature down.

The lenses are 8 layers Nano-coated and 5 times polished which helps to reduce tension on eyes.

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  • Xiaomi mi VR play

   Xiaomi is a known brand in smartphones for their quality and prices and same goes with the Xiaomi VR play the VR comes with sleek body design and cool colours in low price segment. Xioami is using   anti- reflective glass lenses which works pretty fine the slot for the smartphone is good and the phone fits in perfectly into it.

The only downside is that these headsets don't have padding which makes them less comfortable.

  • Homido virtual reality headsets (V2)

The Homido VR headsets provide a low cost introduction into smartphone based virtual reality and is way more convenient than Google cardboard. These headsets work with almost all phones and have adjustable focal lengths.

All over, the headsets are very good and are very lightweight which makes it comfortable for use.

 So these are our pics for the best VR headsets you must use on your iPhone all the VR headsets listed above are the one we used and found good in their price segment.

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