What Is Cyber Security And Why It Is Important What Is Cyber Security And Why It Is Important
News    10/27/2021

What Is Cyber Security And Why It Is Important

The introduction of Cyber security helps in identifying threats, ensures the safety of networks and systems. Its main focus is to protect data from attackers.

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security provides security to the information you store digitally. The information can be any sensitive business data. Apart from this, softer data targets like reports, policy, and personal data are also a part of cyber security.

The introduction of Cyber security helps in identifying threats, ensures the safety of networks and systems. Also, take care about the recovery if any threat is found. Its main focus is to protect data from attackers. The importance of cyber security has increased a lot.

Importance of Cyber security

An ample number of organizations have taken their data security lightly. As a result, they became victims of cyberattacks. Mostly every small or big organization needs cyber security. With the motive to exploit cyber security a lot of cyber-attacks are used. Ransomware, phishing, and cyber scams are commonly used cyber attacks.

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A few of the reasons are listed below to understand the concept of cyber security:

  • Cyber Crime Increasing Rapidly- Cybercriminals do not spare anyone whether the organization is small or big. Instead, they are waiting for an opportunity to ruin the data and get money from companies. The cybercrime average cost has increased up to 23% as compared to the previous year. Cybercrime increased a lot by introducing new technologies.

  • Extending IoT Devices- Our dependency to connect with the internet has increased. The reason behind this is to make smart cities with smart devices. After introducing IoT devices, the speed of the task has increased. But cybercrime is also increasing a lot. It does not matter how many security measures are taken, as cybercriminals are always a step higher to attempt malicious activities. Hence, cybercriminals get a path to harm if Internet-connected devices are not arranged properly.

  • Linking a Security Gap- Most important aspects of the organization are Human resources and IT resources. They have a dependency, yet a lot of security gap lies between them. However, an organization needs to provide accurate cyber security awareness training. So, you can fill the security gap.

  • Cyber Risk Increases the Cost- Cyber attacks not only multiply in numbers but also the cost of damage is increased. In case, if appropriate measures are not taken on time. These cyber-attacks will cost a lot. As per the business prediction, the cost of cybercrime in the world can be $10.5 trillion annually. Apart from that, the business will not only carry financial damage. But also lose the trust of customers.

  • Data Security- Nowadays the organizations are getting highly comfortable with their information keeping online. If the data is not kept with security, then some of the vectors are ready to exploit the authentication of data. Ransomware, risk of removable data, cyber scams, and phishing attacks are some of the cyber attack vectors that exploit the data. For avoiding future risks it's mandatory to take the right cyber security measures. Few cyber security threats have exploited the data security of the organization. 

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Types Of Cyber Security Threats

The given list of cyber security threats can be explained as:

1. Virus

Ransomware, spyware, and worms are part of malware software. The virus gets activated whenever a user clicks on a link, which becomes harmful to your system. Once Cisco reports get activated, it can:

  • Harmful software can be installed.

  • Makes the system inoperable, by damaging individual parts.

2. Phishing

Fake communication is used by phishing attacks, like sending an email to the receiver and asking for opening and carrying the instructions given inside. Which leads to losing sensitive information such as providing a credit card number. The main agenda of the attacker is to get a credit card and login details.


3. Password Attack  

If the cyber attacker gets authorization to access the information with the right password. A lot of cyber attackers interact with humans, they easily trick them and get the details related to the password.

4. Middle Man

The middle man is the attacker himself who becomes a part of two-party transactions. According to Cisco, the attackers can steal the data, by interrupting the traffic. If a user uses an unsecured Wi-fi network, then it becomes easier for the middle man to attack. Apart from that attackers become a middle man between visitors and the network, which helps them to use the malware to exploit the data.

Middle Man

Cyber Security becomes the most challenging issue. A few of the key points will create awareness about cyber security.

Benefits of Cyber Security

  •  Data and network protection.

  •  Safeguard from unauthorized users.

  •  End-user protection.

  •  Protecting Businesses from ransomware, phishing, malware

  •  Improves trust between customer and organization.

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With the help of cyber security, it is possible to remove cyber threats. Here, it helps to improve the authentication of data and improves the confidence between customers and developers for the product.

You don’t need to worry about your data if you have taken proper cyber security measures.


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