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Loapi Trojan For Android Devices | Cryptocurrency Mining Loapi Trojan For Android Devices | Cryptocurrency Mining
Trojan,Android | 12/27/2017

Loapi Trojan For Android Devices | Cryptocurrency Mining

Loapi is a harmful and multi-functional piece of malware infection which is used by cyber-criminals for a number of illegal and harmful operations.

Lo lo lo Loapi Trojan could break your Android

The online world is full of numerous types of malicious threats that can cause a variety of problems and hamper the overall working of the infected Android device.

The digital world is growing at a fast pace and so is increasing the popularity of high-tech smartphones, however, on the other side newer codes are being developed by cybercriminals every new day. A large number of malware are specifically designed to infect smartphones and cause cyber damage.

Majorly, system infections have a specific purpose and their effects do not go beyond it. However the same cannot be said about the newest form of Malware detected, Loapi.

Loapi is a harmful and multi-functional piece of malware infection which is used by cyber-criminals for a number of illegal and harmful operations.

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Loapi Malware operate?

Android users have started using official Google play store for all sought of application but it does not stop Loapi malware from infecting your Smartphone. The condition becomes worse when smartphone users go somewhere other than official sites.

 Loapi normally spreads by disguising itself as genuine antivirus applications and adult apps. Often it is mistaken as an actual antivirus app as this Trojan uses the similar icon to genuine applications. Additionally, this malware can also spread through fake advertisements and pop-up the banners.

Once this malicious malware gets installed on the targeted Android device, it starts asking for administrators rights. “It doesn’t take no for an answer, and continuously asks the users to grant permission. It keeps sending notifications after notifications on the main screen until the user finally taps on OK and grants permission to admin rights.

If at all, the user tries to deny permission to admin rights, Loapi locks the screen and even shuts down the setting windows. It aggressively fights all attempts to revoke admin rights and if Android users try to save their phone by downloading a genuine security tool, Loapi flags it as malware and demands their removal.

Once this malware gains administrative rights it connects to various servers hosted by cybercriminals and carries out various other functions like:

  1. Signing the phones used to paid subscription services thus creating revenue.
  2. Mining the Monero Cryptocurrency and
  3. Plaguing users with more apps, for participating in DDoS attacks.

Malware effects in detail

Loapi Malware comes with multiple modules and stands out from the crowd malware family. It can run a number of illegal and harmful operations which allows it to leave limitless effects on the compromised phone. Loapi Malware can cause a number of problems, prominent ones are listed below for reference.

Unwanted apps and Advertisements

Once the Android device is infected by malware it floods the infected phone with unwanted ads and videos. The Trojan module also installs apps, visits links and other social networking sites without user’s permission. Revenue generation is the main reason behind numerous advertisements run by Loapi.

Crypto- Mining using Monero Platform

Another harmful effect of Loapi Malware comes in the form of crypto mining. As a mining malware, it used by cybercriminals for Monero Mining. The prolonged operations carried by Loapi creates a heavy workload on the infected Android device, which can overheat the device resulting in system slowdown and battery drainage and overheating abnormalities.

Paid Subscriptions

Revenue generation is one the underlying features of Loapi Malware. The malicious Trojan can make the users sign into paid subscriptions which needs SMS confirmations. The SMS module effectively supports illegal money generation activities by manipulating text messages. While subscribing to paid services it secretly sends a text message to a specific number, confirms subscription and quickly deletes both incoming and outgoing messages.

DDoS Attack

Malicious effects of Loapi Malware includes using the smartphone as a participant in a DDoS attack against Web Resources. It effectively uses built-in-proxy servers and sends HTTP requests to take over the infected device to use them in DDoS attacks by turning the phone into a zombie. The virus creates a high amount of traffic on a certain site resulting in either system crash or malfunctioning.

Protection form Loapi Malware

Loapi Malware is far more than a mere nuisance, it is a highly harmful and lethal malware and removing it completely from your system is imperative for safe and enhanced system performance.

It is necessary to delete and get rid of this malware permanently below mentioned are few preventive measures to protect your device and confidential data from cyber-attack.

  1. Security Solution- Protection from Malware is highly important and demands vigilance to control all possibilities of attack. Using a high-end Antivirus program becomes imperative for keeping your system secure, the essence lies in protecting the system from malware attack rather than a damage control approach.
  2. Use of a reliable Trojan virus remover which offers accurate results is the need of the moment. Highly recommended security program, Falcon Mobi Cleaner is the best free Antivirus module which will provide complete system protection against malware and all other forms of threats. 
  3. Falcon Mobi cleaner is one of the best Antivirus modules for Android device which offers the simplest though the efficient way to secure your smartphones from potential threats. The module includes scanning, detecting and elimination all possibilities of threats and system vulnerabilities.
  4. Use of official sites for installing programs- Downloading various apps to enhance system performance has become a necessity now. To combat harmful effects of Loapi Malware we should be vigilant while installing applications. All sought of downloading should be done using genuine and Google office stores.
  5. Ad blocker – Use of an efficient ad-blocker will keep your system safe from malware attack to some extent. Disabling the installation from unknown sources will also add to the prevention measures.
  6. Keep System up to date- Regular system updates using official and genuine sites will reduce the probability of system attack.

To conclude, use of security solutions offers best and reliable solutions for all your virus related issues. In addition to an efficient Antivirus module, vigilance should practice to some extent while internet surfing and downloading to remove major possibilities of getting attacked by a virus.




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