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 How to Remove and Respond to Negative Reviews From Social Media  How to Remove and Respond to Negative Reviews From Social Media
News | 07/27/2018

How to Remove and Respond to Negative Reviews From Social Media

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How to Remove Negative Reviews from Social Media

Good news spread fast but bad news travels even faster and the same is applicable for negative reviews.

You need to do something about it. Your inner soul feels like removing negative reviews but think before you leap.

Remove Social Media Reviews

Do you wish to delete negative reviews?

Deleting a review sound like a simple solution? Yes, it does but we wish had it been so easy.

According to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, no website is liable for what their users are posting.

There is no need to hire any candidate who claims to remove negative reviews for the welfare of your online business.

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True that! Negative reviews affect to quiet an extent and this is why there are ways you can deal with it. If needed you can go to some extent legally as well.

Sometimes, you pay an agency to remove bad reviews but you see those reviews coming back again and you need to invest again and again because those agencies try to scam you.

Focus on this part

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Dealing with negative reviews from social media

Here are things you can do apart from deleting:

Follow a structured process

The review websites have strict guidelines for removing any content and in most cases, the review needs to arise threat personally in order to remove it.

Again if you can prove it that the negative review has been submitted by your business rival or someone with whom you are engaged in a lawsuit or just any fake reviewer, the website might consider and delete the review.

The procedure of agreeing to delete negative reviews is entirely subjective and this is the reason why deleting is difficult.

Each and everyone follows social media very well, one bad review can ruin a business to quite a level. Therefore, you would have to implement a few tactics and fruitful strategies.

Repairing your business helps

You need to find a solution to so that you can address the complaints. If such negative reviews keep coming, it would affect more and more customers.

Social Media Responding ?

It’s best to listen to the critics and work towards resolving so that no worse reviews spread over social media.

Except if it’s your fault and work upon it because a sorry can melt a million hearts but the action is also very important. 

Focus on achieving good reviews

If you can’t delete negative reviews, you can definitely bury the bad ones. Sometimes you need to change your focus, therefore shift focus to collecting good reviews.

Keep encouraging your happy customers to review your product/service on social media. When your arena would be flooded with positive reviews, the negatives would matter least.

To get more positive reviews, ask your caller to call each customer and take a review on call personally whether the service you provided is good or not and are they happy?

If someone has issues, take to them personally and resolve it.

Respond Please

Respond as a business owner and don’t ignore negative reviews. Be courteous even if you are replying to a rude review, its business ethics. Apologize and do whatever needed to resolve.

It is foolishness to make legal threats so you must act wisely. If you resolve, there are customers who might delete their old negative reviews.

Trying to deal with bad reviews on Tripadvisor?

Are you trying to delete review on Tripadvisior? It’s the website the entire world follows for their travel requirements and one bad review can really be harmful.


There are so many hotels and other services competing with one another on this platform. For this website you need to follow a few guidelines:

  • Keep a check on your Tripadvisor account for the reviews.
  • You must evaluate reviews and respond to each one of them quickly.
  • Be quick while responding to reviews.
  • If you see a fake review and can prove the same, then flag for removing.
  • Get in touch with the Tripadvisdor customer service.
  • Collect more positive reviews.
  • Mange your reviews well.

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Final words

All of these are lengthy processes and it’s impossible to manage everything including the reputation of your online business on your own after taking care of your business.

There are agencies that genuinely deal with negative reviews and if very necessary they can get those deleted as well.

You need to hire a professional reputation management professional to ensure your business looks positive on social media and on the internet, it’s about continuous monitoring.

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