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How To Remove OneSafe PC Cleaner From Your Computer Easily How To Remove OneSafe PC Cleaner From Your Computer Easily
News | 11/09/2017

How To Remove OneSafe PC Cleaner From Your Computer Easily

OneSafe PC Cleaner is a “potentially unwanted program” (PUP), and its primary objective is to generate revenue for the creators by showing some false registry errors. This program tries to convince people that they have serious trouble on their computer. Then they are supposed to pay to get it fixed.

What is OneSafe PC Cleaner?

OneSafe pc cleaner was actually designed to clean the temporary junk off the computer at least that’s what it was meant to do. But, does it really work the way it was intended to? A big no, it just fakes it every time. It is a “Potentially Unwanted Program” (PUP) but the developers advertise it as a system optimizer. There are specific registries of every program that is registered on the computer, these records are authentic and would never cause any troubles this tool would show them as an issue which is bogus. And it also assures an instant solution. But, there is a catch to it. In order to fix your PC, you will first have to buy the license key.

As earlier said, the big deal with OneSafe PC Cleaner is that most of all the issues detected are not really speaking of these files as regular registry files they won't ever cause any performance issue on your PC. For example, the registries used by Microsoft Outlook and OneSafe PC cleaner itself are detected with a medium severity level which is faking things to people who are unaware of the technical terms.

The tip of argument about registry cleaners is that no examination till date confirms that cleaning the registry would boost the system performance. Most of all, Microsoft themselves have posted an article that states modifications by registry cleaners could cause "major issues" while changing the registry and that they don't promote the effectiveness of this kind of tools.

Finally, the only reason you must avoid this tool is that most of the security programs have detected this tool as unwanted or in other categories. This means it would not be of any significance, having such program on the computer would just consume system memory and degrade the performance instead of boosting it.

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How does OneSafe PC Cleaner install on your Computer?

The quickest approach used by OneSafe PC Cleaner is “bundling”. Bundling is a process in which such potentially unwanted programs are linked as an attachment to the freeware programs or freeware games and gets installed along with the freeware program. That is why we always recommend users to read all the terms and conditions while installing a software and if make sure to block or uncheck the box which authorizes installation of additional programs or extensions.

Steps to be followed while installing a freeware program to avoid the installation of PUP or a bundled program?

While installing a freeware software or a freeware game make sure you go through the license agreement section and read all the terms and conditions. And If reading the complete terms and condition is too much then while installing the freeware application if the installation offers you “custom and automatic installation,” it is always recommended that you go with the custom process as this would disclose the other programs that might get installed along with it. If you see any additional add-ons or toolbars checked, then remember to uncheck them. By doing this, you can avoid the installation of the bundled program.

Since OneSafe PC Cleaner is categorized as a potentially unwanted program, we would recommend you to get rid of it.

Follow the instruction below initially to uninstall OneSafe PC Cleaner and then create a firewall all by yourself.

Steps-by-step instructions to remove OneSafe PC Cleaner

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously. This will get you the Windows Task Manager. Here, make sure that you are looking into the application tab and now search for OneSafe PC Cleaner. If present, then select it and click on End Task.
  2. Now you can close the Task Manager.
  3. Now, we need to open Control Panel from the start menu or by holding Windows key + R key at the same time. This would bring up the “RUN” box now in this box you need to type control and hit ok.
  4. Here, in the Control Panel click on Add/Remove program.
  5. This will show the list of all the installed program.
  6. Right Click on OneSafe PC Cleaner and uninstall this program.

Now let us look at the steps you need to follow to prevent such programs from installing on your computer without your permission by creating a robust firewall. By doing this, you will never have to worry about the security and the performance of your computer. Let us get started.

1. Enable your popup blocker: Pop-ups and ads in the websites are the most adoptable tactic used by cybercriminals or developers with the core intention to spread malicious programs. So, avoid clicking uncertain sites, software offers, pop-ups etc.

2. Keep your Windows Updated: To avoid such infections, we recommend that you should always keep your system updated through automatic windows update. By doing this you can keep your device free from virus. According to the survey, outdated/older versions of Windows operating system are an easy target.

3. Third-party installation: Try to avoid freeware download websites as they usually install bundled of software with any installer or stub file.

4. Regular Backup: Regular and periodical backup helps you to keep your data safe in case the system is infected by any kind of virus or any other infection. Thus always backup important files regularly on a cloud drive or an external hard drive.

5. Always have an Anti-Virus: Precaution is better than cure. We recommend that you install an antivirus like  McAfee or a good  Malware Removal Tool like Free Malware RemovalTool

6. Install a powerful ad- blocker for  ChromeMozilla, and IE.

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