7 YouTube Tips You Should Learn to Explore the Platform 7 YouTube Tips You Should Learn to Explore the Platform
Top 10    07/11/2023

7 YouTube Tips You Should Learn to Explore the Platform

Check out the best 7 YouTube Tips You Should Learn to Explore the Platform. here is the complete guide to use youtube easily and quickly

Even though Youtube has the second-highest reach after Facebook, it is often left out when people talk about the most popular social sharing channels. That’s something based on stats and facts. Things are different on the ground level. 

No matter what device or operating system you use, YouTube is your first go-to place whenever you need to view a specific troubleshooting procedure, details on the latest releases, or information regarding what’s working and what’s not in the market. 

If you, too, are among the users who rely on YouTube for most information, you should know how to use the platform efficiently. Here, we are sharing some easy-to-follow YouTube tips and tricks that will make things easier for you. 

Browse and Download Royalty-Free Sound Effects

Are you done with your new video and looking for ways to add captivating sound effects to make it more enticing? YouTube has a complete library of high-quality, royalty-free sound effects and audio tracks that you can download on your device. 

After downloading the effects, you can use them on other channels as well. To do that, make sure to download these effects as mp3 from youtube so that you can play them using any tool. Avoid downloading any of the sound effects or audio tracks that are not royalty free.

Save Videos to Watch Later 

Similar to bookmarking a blog, you can also bookmark a video to watch it later. Save a selected video to a Watch Later playlist so that you can view it when you have time. The Watch Later playlist on YouTube operates like a playlist on any other platform. 

To add a video to the Watch Later playlist, open the video, click the Add to the icon displayed under the title of the video, and select the desired box for the playlist you would like it to add to. The steps to save videos to watch later are similar on phones and tablets. 

Start YouTube Video at A Certain Time

One of the highly useful yet the most neglected feature of your favorite YouTube video-watching channel is that you can share selected parts of the video while dumping the irrelevant information. 

If you feel that a particular piece of information will be of use to your friends, sharing an entire video can be time-consuming, and no one cares to watch it. Well, by creating a link that starts the YouTube video at a certain time, you can make the videos worth watching. 

View Written Transcripts of the Videos

YouTube automatically generates transcripts for all the videos uploaded to the platform. When you are watching a tutorial video, some of the information might not be clear, or playing and pausing the video to note down a procedure is simply annoying. 

There are other use cases when video transcription comes in handy. If you are facing any of these situations, navigate to the written transcripts to be able to read the steps and procedures carefully. The owner of the video can select to make the transcripts private. 

Create and Collaborate on Video Playlist 

Similar to Spotify, you can create a playlist on YouTube and share it with your friends. Decide whether you want to keep your playlist private or public or want to share them with others - the decision is solely yours. 

To create a playlist on YouTube, navigate to the Creator Studio available under Video Manager and choose Playlist. Click on the New Playlist option and select if you want to keep it public or private. These steps may vary on phones and tablets. 

Add Creative Effects with YouTube Enhancements

YouTube has evolved a lot over time, but one feature makes it highly impactful, and that’s Enhancements. It includes some exceptional graphics features that allow you to make high-quality videos without using third-party video-editing software

Some of the features that enable you to create outstanding videos include auto-fix lighting and color, applying slow motion, custom blurring, trimming out parts of the video, applying time-lapse, stabilizing shaky camera motions, and much more. 

Upload and Watch 360 Degree Videos 

One of the game-changing features of YouTube is its ability to upload and display videos in 360 degrees. On desktops, you can play around with the video to view it from different angles while the video plays. On your mobile, move your camera to change the angle. 

Keep in mind you need a high-end camera that can capture video in 360 degrees to be able to create and upload such videos. And don’t forget to learn how to create a 360° video on YouTube. However, you don’t need any special equipment to view these videos.  

The Conclusion 

So, these were some of the most used and the most underrated YouTube features that can make a huge change in the way you watch, save, or share videos. Make sure to make use of these tips next time you watch or share your favorite videos on YouTube.


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