Home News WhatsApp Releases Four-People (Group) Calling Feature : Skype Falls!
WhatsApp Releases Four-People (Group) Calling Feature : Skype Falls!  WhatsApp Releases Four-People (Group) Calling Feature : Skype Falls!
News | 07/31/2018

WhatsApp Releases Four-People (Group) Calling Feature : Skype Falls!

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WhatsApp Latest Update - Group Calling!

A quick update from WhatsApp!

Finally, WhatsApp has opened its wing towards group video calling. A recent announcement made by the company has projected that now WhatsApp allows you Group video calling.

WhatsApp Group Calling

WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging application. With the latest release, a user can hold a video call up to four members.

On Android, video calling is available subject to Android version 4.1!

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According to team WhatsApp, it is quite easy to make a group video call. A user can use this feature by opening the chat and tapping on the video call option. Once the call will be accepted by the contact. Add participant option will automatically option will pop up on the screen. Then the user can add and search for another contact to add on the call.

Quite easy? Right!

WhatsApp has committed that the calls will be ‘end to end encrypted’ and will work on less than stellar network conditions.

With this latest addition, WhatsApp has answered its rivals that had this option for a while; Skype.

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Over 1.5 billion users are using WhatsApp every month according to reports released by WhatsApp. In this community, a major user base is relying on WhatsApp as their primary communication medium.

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