Home News More than 70 Million accounts suspended by Twitter in last 2 months
More than 70 Million accounts suspended by Twitter in last 2 months More than 70 Million accounts suspended by Twitter in last 2 months
News | 07/17/2018

More than 70 Million accounts suspended by Twitter in last 2 months

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Around 70+ million spam accounts suspended by Twitter

To control the flow of misinformation on its networking landscape, Twitter has gone into override and has suspended millions of its users account in the last 2 months.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are under close scrutiny by International regulators to control the spread of fabricated content.


As a result, Twitter has started taking corrective actions and has reported that it will expel bolted accounts, especially the ones disabled attributed to questionable activities.

A whopping, 70 million accounts reported to have been suspended by Twitter in May and June, and there is no sign of it slowing any soon.

The current movement has resulted in a steep drop in its base of followers. Ordinary users may see a negative change while public figures may experience a more significant reduction in this exercise. 

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Vijay Gadde, Twitter Legal, Policy, and Trust and Safety Head, in one of his recent blogs addressed this issue and said that the drop in many followers might be hard for some users, but the organization believes that accuracy and transparency will make Twitter a more trusted platform for open public discussions.

"The bolted accounts are unique concerning spam or bots and much of the time, and these records were made by genuine individuals."

A sudden change in the account conduct helps Twitter spot Bolted accounts. It may include tweeting on misleading ads, tweeting a substantial volume of unsolicited replies and many more. Also, there are several content marketing platforms such as https://adsy.com/ to promote the same.


Gadde further mentioned that Twitter might additionally suspend accounts on the basis of doubtful events.

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In some instances that accounts have also been locked if emails and password mixes from other administrations posted online and trusted that data could put the security of a record in danger — so we expect records to change their passwords for assurance.

"Until the point when we affirm that all is well with the record, we bolt it, which makes them unfit to Tweet or see advertisements," he included.

Twitter CFO, Ned Segal stated, that most of the records we evacuate are excluded in our full matrix as they have not been active on the stage for 30 days or more.

The removal of fake and locked accounts has resulted in a decline in its share prices by nearly 9%, eroding off close to $3.1billion of its market value.

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