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Win Tonic – A firewall against Virus, Malware & Also a Junk Cleaner

About : Win Tonic takes the disk cleaning concept to a whole new level. Win Tonic is an all in one software it is a firewall against the latest malware and virus, it is a disk cleaner, it is a registry fixer, it is a system booster and finally it is a web protector.
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If your PC's performance is gradually degrading with time, and now you are suddenly concerned about it. If we are not wrong, you are here for a solution.

So, can this situation be managed?

Yes, of course! Let us introduce a program which is a one-stop solution for all your troubles. You got an issue, and it has a solution for everything your computer throws at it.

Win Tonic is the application. We have tried many apps so far, but this one has outperformed every other app in regards to low memory consumption, quick system scan, enhancing the system and cleaning all the bad sectors of your device.

It takes the disk cleaning concept to a whole new level. Developers have done their part well. Win Tonic has been groomed so well that it can work with the lowest configuration.

Download Win Tonic by clicking on the given link: Download Win Tonic


What is it with Win Tonic that makes it stand out of the queue?

We have a clear answer to this question when compared with other applications. It not only completed the scan procedure in ample time but on the other hand it also consumes a very little storage memory and RAM. This allows the user to multitask without any glitches. We all know fixing a computer is a huge task to accomplish.

It is an all in one application and you don't have to install a cleaner, malware removal tool and something that can boost the performance of your computer. That is why we call it an all in one application as it will replace several standalone applications. Installing this application instead of the standalone applications will save you a lot of memory and drive space, thereby speeding up the computer.

 Let us have a detailed look at what it does.

  1. Malware Protector: This is a major section of this tool it straight away puts an end to all the malicious programs like ransomware, spyware, virus, adware and anything thing in its frequent updates that could threaten the digital world.

Sub Categories:

a)Infected Files & Folders: This would scan and display all the infected files and folder hidden on your system which might later hamper many things.

b)Suspicious Windows Services: This section does the deep scan and looks for any suspicious programs that might be running on the computer.

c)Infected Startup Items: Here we would see those infected programs that automatically run in the background when the system starts, i.e., spyware or adware.

d)Infected Software Entries: This section here clears the registries of the infected programs.

e)Browser Infections: This rids all your installed web browser from the infections like browser hijackers and adware.


2. Disk Analyzer: As we have all heard about the identity theft it has been all over the news. That’s the whole reason of having this particular section as it has been designed to get rid of those identity traces, temporary files, and the unused data.

Sub Category:

a) Privacy Traces: This place a very important part in securing your personal data as this would clear all the personal details from the browsing history of your web browser.

b) Junk Files: This section would take care of all the temporary junk, prefetch and all the other activity traces.

Cleans these following sections:

                   i.  In Internet Explorer: history, cookies, cache, auto fill form details, temporary files, index.dat files.

                  ii.  In Mozilla Firefox: history, cookies, cache, auto fill form details, temporary files, form history.

                 iii.  In Google Chrome: history, cookies, cache, auto fill form details, temporary files.

                 iv.  In Opera, safari and other web browsers: history, cookies, cache, form history.

                  v.  Windows: Temporary files, Log files of programs, Clipboard records, DNS Cache, Memory Dump, jump lists and Recycle Bin.

                 vi.  Registry Cleaner: Gets rid of abandoned left over and old sections, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, Class ID’s, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and more.

                vii.  Applications: Gets rid of all the third-party suspicious applications, temp records and obsolete document records (MRUs) from all the applications including Windows Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, Win Ace, WinZip and many others.

 3.    System Booster: This particular section of the tool takes care of all the startup errors, registry errors as an error in these parts can cause random system crashes.

Sub Category:

a) Startup Booster: Those applications that impact the system startup will be fixed here. People always have a conception that only new computers run fast, and the performance degrades with time. You might be right until today, but this program will undoubtedly make you believe in the performance of your computer

b) System/User Software items: Here all the applications that impact the processing of your computer while playing games or doing anything consume a lot of RAM would be taken care.

c) Startup/Uninstall and User Items: It would disable or delete the programs that impact the startup time.

           Startup Manager

 4.    Web Protector: This is an online firewall which becomes active as soon as you go online. This will help you in safe surfing. It acts as an ad blocker and would never allow any malicious URL or ad banners to get through to your computer. As this would block all the ads, you will experience much faster and smoother surfing. 

  Web protection

So far, we have seen how compact and quick it is and all the features that come loaded with it. Now is the time for you to get into action and help your PC retain its original shape.

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"Free Malware Removal Tool" is what you have been looking for, yes you read it right it is free. We highly recommended you install it right away and put an end to all the infections. It is the best application to fight against both virus and the malware.

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