Home News More than 100 Google play store apps infected with Malware
More than 100 Google play store apps infected with Malware More than 100 Google play store apps infected with Malware
News | 08/13/2018

More than 100 Google play store apps infected with Malware

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Over a HUNDRED apps on Google Play Store FILLED with malware

ANDROID users are requested to stay alert after security authorities revealed that hundreds of apps on the Google Play Store are being used as a source to spread malware.

Android user's on high alert

These infected apps where majorly unleashed on Google Play Store between October and November 2017.

So, it’s been a year since the nefarious Android apps are on the Google Play Store.

Some of these apps have installations more than 1,000 and are being rated at four stars.

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But this is not like any other infection that’s been seen before spreading through the Google Play Store.

The malware located on the 145 apps that were being distributed via Google Play Store contains Microsoft Windows executable malicious files.

Consequently, this malware will not infect your Android devices but the instance your device comes in contact to Windows Operating System it will execute.

After Palo Alto Networks discovered the malware they warned about it and mentioned that this latest malware discovery appears to be a threat to the software supply chain”.

Recently in a post, the security authorities mentioned: “The only reason behind the APK files being infected directs us to believe that the developers were developing their software on a compromised Windows based Operating Systems.

Compromising the systems of software developers has turned out to be an effective tactic to spread the malware and it is believed that this type of infection is a threat to the software supply chain.

They then added: “Most of the infected apps were released to Google Play between October 2017 and November 2017, which means these apps have been in Google Play for more than half a year.”

The only way for the malware to infect affected Android devices is if the phone is connected to a Windows computer.

And then any of the infected apps’ source code would have to be downloaded to run the PE file hidden inside.

Palo Alto Networks said: “The malicious PE files cannot directly run on the Android hosts."

“However, if the APK file is unpacked on a Windows machine and the PE files are accidentally executed, or the developers also issue Windows-based software, or if the developers are infected with malicious files runnable on Android platforms, the situation will go much worse.”

They added: “The development environment is a critical part of the software development lifecycle."

“We should always try to secure it first."

“Otherwise other security countermeasures could just be attempts in vain.”

Some of the infected apps Palo Alto Networks listed include ‘Learn to Draw Clothing’, ‘Modification Trail’ and ‘Gymnastics Training Tutorial’.

All of the infected 145 apps have now been removed from the Google Play Store.


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