Home News Apple TSMC chipmaker recovers from Wannacry Ransomware assault
Apple TSMC chipmaker recovers from Wannacry Ransomware assault Apple TSMC chipmaker recovers from Wannacry Ransomware assault
News | 08/10/2018

Apple TSMC chipmaker recovers from Wannacry Ransomware assault

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Apple chipmaker recovers from Wannacry Ransomware attack

TSMC, the largest chipmaker manufacturer is Apple’s key partner to make chips. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company designs A-series processors for iPhone and iPad. On last Friday evening, TSMC was shut down after a vicious cyber attack from Wannacry Ransomware attack.


Wannacry ransomware attacked 80% of the company’s tools. The malware generally targets Microsoft Windows computer and delete files unless the users don’t pay attackers in Bitcoins.

The attack is a substantial proof that shows the vulnerability of Apple against cyber attacks. Not only TSMC was affected, but Nvidia and Qualcomm, TSMC’s other clients also fail to this attack.

According to the US Government;

Wannacry developed by North Korea had a feature mutation of malware specially made to get Bitcoins. TSMC manufactures current generation A-11 chips mainly found in iPhone X. On Sunday, the shipment of chips decreased the revenue by 3%.

According to the US Government

The third quarter earnings will recover in the fourth quarter of the year 2018. Last year, after the leak of TSMC confidential information the US made a forecast about the malware attacks.

TSMC has a different take on the whole incident;

TSMC denied the leak of confidential information and described the whole attack as misoperation in software installation of a new tool. This misoperation led to the outbreak of the virus in Company’s Computer Network.

TSMC CEO Morris Chang confirmed that there were no signs of the leak in data integrity and confidential information. TSMC took actions to strengthen their security measures. Moreover, the company did not comment on the origination of wannacry ransomware.

TSMC has a different take on the whole incident

Thomas Nuth, director of product at cyber-security company Nozomi Networks said, “Being a leading organization at the forefront of technology development, TSMC fall victim to malware.”

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On the other hand, Chief executive CC Wei confirmed the malware attack. He further said,

"After the attack, we changed the system to automatic detection of the virus to prevent the company from future malware attacks. However, TSMC is fully recovered from the Friday evening attack and has started the manufacture again.”

It is impossible that humans can’t make such mistakes in generating these malware attacks to earn money. However, when this malware targets the manufacturing processes and big companies, the results are expensive.

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