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How to Create Memoji in iOS 12 | Customize Memoji in iPhone X How to Create Memoji in iOS 12 | Customize Memoji in iPhone X
News | 08/02/2018

How to Create Memoji in iOS 12 | Customize Memoji in iPhone X

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How to Make your own Memoji in iOS 12?

Last Year when Apple released iPhone X, it was understood that MEMOJI will launch soon. And, soon with first public beta iOS 12 memoji were ready for their debut.

The concept of animated emoji first brought by Facebook and Whatsapp is a great hit in messaging and chatting. We all use emojis while feeling affectionate towards them.

Memoji 7

Moreover, the use of emoji shortens your conversation and allows to express yourself way better than the sentences. 

But still, sentences are the species of expressions and emoji are the flavors.

How MEMOJI came into action?

You, will not believe it but the history of emoji takes you back in the 20th century!

First ever emoji was created by Shigetaka Kurita in 1999. Shigetaka was working on NTT DoCoMo's i-mode mobile Internet platform. There he created a set of 176 emoji considered as the first set.

Google, Apple, Facebook and Whatsapp then made emoji worldwide. But, Japan was 20 years ahead of this time and all thanks are to Kurita.

In 2017, a Hollywood blockbuster movie named “The Emoji Movie” proved the modern art of digital messaging, a combination of pictures and letters.

Snapchat bitmoji and Samsung animated AR emoji are the building blocks of Apple iOS 12’s Memoji.

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Memoji - Myself + Animation + Emoji

Memoji refers to animated humans of digital messaging. You must be wondering how then let’s discuss it -

In 2017 at Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced varieties of new features of iOS 12. Furthermore, the update of Apple’s Animoji into a Memoji was on their priority list.

Now in 2018, chatting allows you to customize your own emoji that looks like your own facial features. But, it only happens in Apple iPhone X. Consider, memojis as the advanced version of animated emojis.

What are Memojis?

Using your animated version of emoji instead of using animated emoji is funnier. When we customize our own animated version of emoji, that becomes MEMOJI.

“Therefore;  Memoji is animating ourselves into emoji. Memojis definitely will run your imagination go wild.”

Presumably, your emoji will look like you. Either you choose, your favorite comic character, villain or actor/actress. iPhone X will give all the necessary tools to create your own avatar of memoji.


For now, this feature of Memoji is only available on iPhone X because of its TrueDepth Camera. Hopefully, Apple would try to make it available on all previous and upcoming iOS.

Remember if you are making Memoji with animoji characters then always follow your facial movements. Why you think, then learn how to customize your own memoji.

Customize your Memoji

Memojis are accessible only on iMessage. The iMessage will launch a memoji maker with which the process becomes self-explanatory. From here you can customize your facial features, skin tone and hairstyles. It will quickly pick up on your facial expressions to make it realistic.

Try not to overcomplicate it! Always pick something relative to what you are wearing.

You can layer more effects on your memoji with the help of TrueDepth Camera. Even more, to handle it visually add texts and shapes. Now, you have 30 seconds to record whatever you customized. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and make your memoji alive.

As soon as you share your memoji, you can download and save it to your memoji folder.

“Play with your faces animate it, customize it without shame because it is 2018.”

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How to Customize Memoji: Guide to your iPhone X

  • Open iMessage app in iPhone X and tap on a new message.
Memoji 1
  • Select any animoji icon character from the tray of text composition box. Here we are selecting a girl animoji. 
Memoji 2
  • Expand the selected animoji by swiping it up. Now tap the ‘+’ sign to create a memoji.
  • Start building your avatar by choosing skin color and skin tone. A slider tool adjusts your skin tone to cold and warmth nature i.e. light or dark. There are several flicker patterns of skin to adjust the color you want to see on yourself.
Memoji 3
  • Choose a hair color and style: The natural color of hair is an interesting factor while choosing your hairstyle and customizing the forehead. Few hairstyles we tried are curly, twists, braids and nearly bald ones.
Memoji 4

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  • Swipe left now, and choose a head shape to give your chin a proper shape and age your avatar.
  • Swipe further let to choose eye colors from the varieties of colors as given in memoji maker. The slider tool will help you to adjust the eye color. Eventually, you can choose an eyebrow pattern, nose and lips look and their color also.
  • After giving a shape and color to your nose and lips, toggle the ear section and choose ear size. If you wish to add earnings to your ears then you can select earing of silver and gold too.
Memoji 5
  • If you have facial hairs especially males, then they can design their beards and mustache.
  • Swipe left to customize eyewear and headwear section. Headwear section has 22 options that include hijab, caps, hat and taqiya. One will find all headwears of different religions.
Memoji 6
  • Tap on “Done” present on the top-right section of iMessage.

The memoji you customized is now added to your animoji roster. To use animoji, open your camera and tap on the record button. You now can add your voice! Here your customized memoji will respond to your facial movements.

Tongue Detection Abilities

Memoji will capture your muscle movements and mirrors it exactly the way you do naturally. Once you practice the movements, you will get only 30 seconds to record whatever you want. The tongue detection ability will move lips and tongue of memoji as you move yours. Once you are done, you can watch it, playback it and share it on your social media accounts.

Tongue Detection Abilities

An Extra feature of FaceTime

Android users use Skype and Google Duo for video calling. But Apple has its own FaceTime video chat option. Interestingly, the memoji which you customized above is useful to do FaceTime. This gives you MEMOJI FACETIME. Moreover, saved emoji will appear on FaceTime that could be used anytime anywhere.

We suggest you, keep a separate memoji roster for your all time use as per your mood. You can also overlay your memoji on your head before sending it.

Suppose at iMessage, you don’t like you memoji then feel free to put it in a bin. But, remember you will have to customize another memoji.

Spam your memojis to your friends and enjoy the memoji maker!

Know Few Memoji Advantages

  • AR Emoji of Samsung Galaxy S9 will provide the same features but, Apple’s memoji maker is more realistic with higher accuracy of facial recognition.
  • Customization of Apple’s memoji offers you almost every feature while customizing the like face of yours.
  • Memojis can be used as your profile pictures on social media account. Additionally, you can put them as your status.
  • Your customized memoji is easy to change into GIF images.

Thus, memoji are user-friendly and can be personalized irrespective of any restriction. Go to a group call with 32 members at the same time on FaceTime and swap out your own personalize memoji in place of your face.

Creating Memoji in iOS 12 & Beta First Impressions!

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