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Windows 10 Update | Explore the New Windows 10 Feature Updates Windows 10 Update | Explore the New Windows 10 Feature Updates
News | 08/01/2018

Windows 10 Update | Explore the New Windows 10 Feature Updates

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Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft has released few Windows insider preview builds with the New Window 10 Update. Now, Windows 10 will get a ‘Mixed Reality Flashlight’ feature and new emoji characters. Also, a machine learning update to stop installing updates while the system is in use.

The updates on Windows 10 comes in the form of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17723 also known as Redstone 5. Windows insider will also opt “Skip Ahead” channel provided with the Build 10204. Windows 10 Preview Builds will release in the first half of next coming year.

Windows 10

We often face problem-related to the system update while using our systems. Sometimes, the updates happen at the wrong time that interprets less intelligent AI. However, now Redmond Giant will make an AI by updating machine learning to predict the right time for upgrading your system.

Windows Build Numbers

Before Windows 10, most of the people didn’t know about the build numbers and versions of their windows. But, now with Windows 10, Microsoft has now version numbers. Thus, it is necessary to remember the build number with every update.

Traditionally, we remember windows 10 with their version number or service pack number. For example, Windows 8, Windows 7or Windows 7 service pack 1, etc. Since Microsoft has removed the service pack in Windows 10, they are giving Build Numbers every year. The build numbers generally represent updates to the Windows. Therefore, knowing build numbers is now essential.

How to know build numbers?

Use your keyword and open Windows settings. You may use “Windows + l” as a shortcut on any Window to open settings. In settings, go to System > About and know your Windows 10 build number. You now will know your build number, could explore several new features.

Windows 10; OS Build Number

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Windows 10 Redstone 5 (RS5) New Features

Windows RS5 will come from RS5_RELEASE BRANCH. But those choosing “Skip Ahead,” will still get 19H1 (Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10204) from RS_PRERELEASEbranch.

What is Skip Ahead?

Skip Ahead represents Windows Insiders in a portion of the Fast Ring who opted in to receive early builds for the next feature updates of Windows 10. If you Skip Ahead, Windows will receive inbox app updates from Microsoft Store. Contrary if you don’t Skip Ahead, Windows will not receive inbox app updates from the Microsoft Store unless they opt into Windows App Preview Program for specific apps.

Primary Windows 10 updates

  • Bluetooth battery percentage in settings- In settings page of Bluetooth & Other Devices, you can check the battery level of Bluetooth devices only connected to the PC.
  • Voice queries for Cortana- Download Cortana Show Me app from Microsoft Store and do your voice search queries to get help from Cortana.
  • File Explorer- A dark theme enabled with drop shadow and acrylic effects is a new look of File Explorer. File Explorer also has a new action center that features a fade-in effect.
  • Ease of Accessing Text- With Windows 10 updates, you can make your text bigger across the system. Go to Settings>Ease of Access>Display. There make everything bigger and brighter as per your need.
  • Improved gaming experience- Go to Settings>Systems>Focus Assist for better performance visualization and audio controls. New options like game mode will make your gaming experience better.
  • Privacy Improvements- If access to the microphone is disabled then a pop-up notification will come so that you can review your privacy settings.
  • Search Calendar improvements- With the new build in Windows 10, you can find past or future events by searching the name, location, and people.
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts- Windows 10 will now see few new shortcuts to save your time while working
    Ctrl + Win + Tab – Next tab;
    Ctrl + Win + Shift + Tab – Previous tab;
    Ctrl + Win + T – New tab;
    Ctrl + Win + N - Opens a new window;
    Ctrl + Win + W – Close the current tab or current Window;
  • Storage Improvements- The new storage sense will help you automatically to clean up the storage disk space. Furthermore, any downloaded file will come online on demand. To activate these settings, go to Settings > System > Storage > Storage Sense.
  • Swiftkey Intelligence Updates- Swiftkey leans your writing style, then gives you more auto correction and predictions. Swiftkey will now power your typing experience in different languages.
  • Magnifier tools are now incremented by 5 to 10 percent. Additionally, Windows 10 has new updated Advanced Graphics Settings.
  • Narrators Scan Mode will support the content selection at Microsoft Edge, Outlook, Word and emails.
  • Windows Calculator now correctly calculates perfect squares and also performs few functions of scientific calculations.
  • New Notepad- It features Unix/Linux and Macintosh line endings. Line numbers work in word-wrap. Notepad has the facility to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Wireless Projection Experience- A Control Banner at the top of your screen informs about the state of your connection. The game, Productivity and Video mode will allow you to tune an online or offline connection based on what you are doing.
  • Windows Security- The name of Windows Defender Security is changed to Windows Security which manages all firewalls, Antiviruses, security needs and Windows Defender.

The Windows 10 has Windows security to protect your system from malware and viruses. In a like manner, Free Malware Removal Tool is helpful for all the Microsoft users. Eventually, it is compatible to the new builds in Windows 10.

The most prominent new feature designed by Microsoft Windows for Redstone 5 and 19H1 build is Mixed Reality Flashlight.

New Windows 10 Redstone 5 - Display

The programmers of Windows Insider Dona Sarkar and Brandon LeBlanc said;

“The latest Windows Insider Program build opens a portal into your real world at any time. The portal is accessible via the Start menu, a shortcut button, or a voice command.”

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Mixed Reality Flashlight (MRF)

MRF adds the ability to look carefully and closely into the physical environment through a flashlight. A low latency pass through camera feed connects to the controller. To establish a connection, you must wear your VR, virtual reality headset. MRF thus allows you to mix your virtual and physical realities. According to Windows Insider Build, there are no harmful effects of MRF and it is comfortable, intuitive and keeps you interested.

Windows 10 new Emoji Panel

In addition to MRF, Microsoft has added 11 extra Unicode’s. This addition has brought approximately 157 emoji characters. These include superheroes, softballs, pirate flags and other customarily used emoticons. The newly added emojis are present in the Emoji Panel. To access this panel, the user should use the key combination of win + ‘.’ or through touch keyboard.

Emojis after and Before

In the emoji panel, older emojis have a new alignment which you can understand by looking above image. However, the keywords and tooltips are yet not implemented.

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Improvements in Time Accuracy and Traceability

An update is adaptive and proactive when it reboots the logic to use a new system. Therefore, accuracy and traceability are essential in the improvised version of Windows 10.

Leap Second Support

When earth rotation slows, the UTC diverges from mean slower time or astronomical time. Due to this, .9 seconds have diverged. Therefore, to keep UTC in sync with mean solar time, insertion of 1 leap second is necessary. A leap second typically appears after every month.

The reason behind inserting leap second is keeping UTC with solar time.

Precision Time Control

In windows 10 from windows server 2019, the user can improve time accuracy by introducing a new time protocol for the highest accuracy environments.

Software Timestamping

A user now can improve its network time accurately by eliminating the software delay from the Windows networking stack.

 New Features of Microsoft Edge With Windows 10 Update

  • Microsoft Edge features a delicate drop shadow behind the tabs.
  • The drop-down menu of settings in MS Edge now has icons for each option as per the new design.
  • The Edge settings pane now looks like a new Hub area.
  • Edge will control the video whether it should automatically play on a webpage or not.
  • MS Edge now has more features in the Reading View.
  • Newly updated Reading View helps to improve in-line focus while reading an article.
  • Windows 10 in MS Edge will save your debit and credit card info while filling out billing-related forms.
  • PDFs now has a new icon.
  • The updated PDF reader has now an option to "add notes."
  • A user can pin/unpin the toolbar at the top of the PDF document.
  • MS Edge now lists all your top websites in Edge's jumplist menu.
  • Microsoft Edge also features Web Authentication APIs to log into websites securely with Windows Hello.
  • You can now name groups of tabs you've set aside in Edge.
  • A user can right-click the downloads in the download-pane to "show in the folder."
  • A user has the liberty to configure media autoplay controls as per need.
  • In the Reading View, Books, and PDFs user can look for the definitions and meaning
  • Microsoft Edge has new policies for the configuration of IT administrators to configure.
  • The XSS, a cross-site filter is no more in Windows 10.
  • Skype is designed universally and is updated with the new features.
  • Task Manager now features ‘power usage’ and ‘power usage trends’ tab.

Microsoft additionally revealed the use of machine learning as a predictive model on Windows 10. The machine learning will stop installing updates whenever the system is in use. Sometimes during the middle of some critical task, Windows without notification updates your system. In that case, machine learning will let you accomplish your important tasks first before installing a Windows update on your system.

Windows insider programmer Sarkar and LeBlanc explained;

"We trained a predictive to accurately predict the right time to update your device then to restart it again. The predictive model will check the time usage of your system. Accordingly, will update your PC or laptop."

 Before Microsoft makes the new change public, updated windows are on test mode with the machine learning-driven model. Hope this gives promising results to Microsoft. Though the model is receiving regular updates, its presence is available on the Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

 Moreover, the feedback from early testers will receive further improvements. Then after, updated Windows 10 will be available to masses.

Windows 10 Major Update - Best New Features! (2018)

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