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Best Ways to Customize Google Chrome Homepage Easily Best Ways to Customize Google Chrome Homepage Easily
News | 08/14/2018

Best Ways to Customize Google Chrome Homepage Easily

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Customize Google Chrome and Chromebook Searches

Google - the largest search engine is a great platform to ask obvious questions which nobody knows!

The dynamic Chrome lets us to Change homepage, themes, personalized accounts, toolbars, extensions, etc. Additionally, we can customize Chrome’s search features such as the Google search bar.

Customize Google Chrome and Chromebook Searches

Google OS has tons of tools which on customization make way for the Chromebook to increase productivity. Chromebooks are incredibly secure Google laptops. This technically skilled laptop runs extensions of Chrome Web Browser and Android apps.

Thus, customization isn’t a challenge at all as the Chrome OS and Chromebook shares same Google settings.

Create a personalized Google Search Bar

We browse the internet a lot and sometimes lands on the same websites and pages. A certain kind of internet search, again and again, customize search engine easily. Chromebook is similar to the Google Search bar which searches for your queries.

For example, a user wants to search something on Flipkart and types “FP” on Chromebook search bar; the user will direct to Flipkart’s website. A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet primarily performing tasks using the Google Chrome browser.

Chromebooks and Chrome OS offers new themes to spice up your browsing experience. A short keyword will direct you to web pages and websites. The advanced options in the Settings of Chrome browser will help to customize the search bar.

Whether you use Chrome browser or Chromebook, customizing them takes only a few seconds.

How to customize Google Chrome?

You can customize Google Chrome from settings to make following changes such as;

  1. Appearance: Under appearance, select free themes from chrome web store. Customize fonts that comfort and please your eyes.
  2. Make Google Chrome as your default browser and manage your search engines with keywords and direct URL.
  3. Startup Page: Customize from choosing three different actions. The best option is to continue where you left off.
  4. Autofill Settings: Manage your passwords, address and credit card information to autofill your data. But, protect your systems from cyber attacks of malware, viruses, and ransomware.
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  5. Add Accessibility Features like a color enhancer, speech to text converter, etc. to use Chrome efficiently.
  6. Set default language and spell checks on your browser.
  7. Content Settings: User can control Google’s behavior, content settings features like Adblock, camera, pop-up & redirects, background sync, etc. should be turned on or off.
  8. A user can even manage a HTTP/SSL certificate.
  9. Google Cloud Prints manages your Google Cloud devices.

Chromebooks are laptops running on an ARM with 4GB RAM and 16GB storage. They follow traditional laptops but run Google Chrome OS. Inexpensive and invulnerable to viruses and malware, Google will bring Windows 10 support to upcoming new Chromebooks.

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Google working on Dual-Boot Windows 10 to Support Chromebook

Google working on Dual-Boot Windows 10

The first instance of Chromebook and Windows 10 was spotted in July where Pixelbook got Windows 10 certification. Working on a project “Campfire” XDA developers will allow Chromebooks to dual boot in Chrome OS and Windows 10.

Additionally, the Chromebook’s ROM enables users to dual-boot into any OS. Campfire and Alternate OS aren’t confirmed but might debut in Google’s Pixel 3 hardware event. However, Google hadn’t confirmed the reports, but the Chromebook will follow Apple’s Macbook.

How to customize the Chromebook?

Being a new type of computer, the Chromebook runs on Google OS to make things easy. Since Google works directly with manufacturers, the Chromebooks are less expensive to buy.

While supporting all the Google Play Store apps Chromebook works online on a cloud-based storage device. Chromebook doesn’t have CD/DVD drive but supports USB drive or SD card.

The best part about these laptops is; they work well with Mac or Windows USB drivers, keyboard and other storage devices.

Chromebook Sign-in Guide

Chromebook Sign-in Guide

For the first time, you open a Chromebook, select language, country and choose a Wifi network to sign in. Entering your Google account will sign you into Chromebook.

Once you’re signed in, click on App Launcher at the bottom left corner of Chromebook desktop. App Launcher icon is like a Windows or Mac start button. If you click this icon, a window appears with different apps.

Being an app launcher, you can search for installed apps and could install apps from Chromebook search bar.

Below Chromebook search bar, there are different apps in the App Shelf. Pin any app in the shelf by Pin to Shelf. You can force an app to open itself as it open in your Android phone. Otherwise, right click on the app to Open as Window.

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Customize Chromebook Settings

Type chrome: settings in your address bar and hit enter. This opens settings page of your Chrome browser in Chromebook. The settings page will look precisely same as Google Chrome setting page. Within the setting page, you can choose wifi networks, access Bluetooth device, customize your display and resolution settings, etc.

Set a New Wallpaper and Theme

On the Chromebook desktop, tap your finger twice on the trackpad and select Set Wallpaper. A new window bundled with wallpapers appears on screen; choose one wallpaper to make it your desktop cover.

To add your wallpaper; add the image on your Chromebook desktop and then set it as a wallpaper on your desktop.

To change Theme, go to Settings > Appearance > Browser Themes. A theme page will open in the Chrome Web Store. To install a theme, click Add to Chrome button on the theme’s page.

But, remember the addition of a new theme will uninstall the old preinstalled theme. However, if you want your old theme back then select the previous theme and add it.

Troubleshoot a broken theme: Sometimes few themes aren’t compatible with your Google Chrome version. To make the theme compatible, update your Google Chrome version through an online update tool.

Customize Shelf

Double tap on the trackpad and choose Shelf Position. You can put the shelf to the right, left or at the bottom. Arrange the app items on your shelf by click and drag. Moreover, adding a bookmark is also comfortable in the Chromebook.

To add bookmarks, choose More > More tools > Add to shelf.

On the app shelf, apps on the Chromebook are links to different websites. Therefore, on uninstalling any app will only remove the icon and direct link inside your launcher.

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Customize Search Engine on Chromebook

Customize Search Engine on Chromebook

Websites are often searched on Google by directly putting their address on the search bar. Open search engine settings and remove search engines you don’t want. To remove unwanted search engines, click on X next to it.

Some search engines are very handy. Therefore, a personalized Google search is necessary. Name a key shortcut to any website and attach the website link to it. Most of the sites are searched by typing key shortcuts on Chromebook search bar.

The key shortcuts when typed on the Chromebook search bar opens the attached link. Chromebook search bar lets you do it all in one step.

Chromebooks use the browser for most of the things and the shortcuts will make many custom search engines.

Turn On Chromebook Accessibility Features

  1. Click your account photo or follow this shortcut Alt + Shift + s.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. At the bottom, click on Advanced.
  4. Now click Manage accessibility features in the Accessibility Section.

Choose those accessibility features from Text-to-speech, Display, Keyboard, Mouse and touchpad, Audio.

Though there are no home or desktop replacements to your Chromebook, Chrome OS pride itself as it is easy to use. Moreover, customizing the Chromebook and Chrome browser with different wallpapers, themes and accessibility will give you smart browsing experience. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section.

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