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Facebook Looking Forward to Develop an Internet Satellite Facebook Looking Forward to Develop an Internet Satellite
News | 07/23/2018

Facebook Looking Forward to Develop an Internet Satellite

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Facebook reveals that after shutting down the drone project they look forward to developing an internet satellite.

Facebook continues to take an edge to develop hardware that offers high-speed internet, by moving it to space.

Conferring to the reports acquired by our researchers, Facebook is developing an internet satellite that possesses the capacity to deliver broadband access to under-developed and unserved areas all over the world, referring to an application organized with the FCC, and it's been registered under PointView Tech LLC.

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Facebook has verified us that it certainly is the company behind this application and that the factory to develop the satellite is set-up at Athena.

Followed by the shutdown of Facebook’s internet drone attempts under the Aquilla project this news was announced.

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The company mentioned that they had dropped the plan to develop their own self-directed high-flying drones, which were partially driven by solar energy and planned to fly for a more extended period and provide internet access to remote areas of Earth and the under-developed countries.

Facebook also mentioned Project Aquila would center its resources on designing the onboard software systems that pilot internet drones.

Facebook shut down Aquila drone project

Alphabet, Google’s parent company did something similar in January last year, and they shut down their solar-powered drone project prioritizing Project Loon, its air balloon Wi-Fi program and planned investments in other satellite internet provider companies.

Now, it seems like Facebook will have finally focused all its resources to develop its own hardware, but certainly a different kind this time.

Referring to a document dating September 2017 on broadband innovation, about half of Earth is still not connected to the internet.

To make it possible the only will be to use low orbiting satellites that would be placed at the height of 100-1250 miles above the earth’s surface

A thriving industry around satellite internet is already present, with major companies like SpaceX investing hugely in the space to be the new leader in the internet service provider untapped market.

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Google project Loon

The first internet satellite launched by SpaceX was in February.

“Although we don’t have much to share on the project at this time, but we certainly believe that delivering internet services through satellite will be a major facility for the coming generation of the broadband foundation.

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This advancement will further help in delivering broadband facility to rural areas where internet connectivity is non-existent or required,” as mentioned by a Facebook representative.

Conclusively for Facebook, becoming the internet service provider for the new and under-developed areas around the globe elevates the probability that the new users accepting its services will become a member of its social network, expanding its global influence and boosts its online advertising realm.



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