Home News Goner virus is the fastest-spreading computer viruses through Email
Goner virus is the fastest-spreading computer viruses through Email Goner virus is the fastest-spreading computer viruses through Email
News | 08/17/2018

Goner virus is the fastest-spreading computer viruses through Email

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New Computer Virus Causes Havoc

A powerful new computer virus yesterday morning caused havoc with the e-mail systems across the world.

The computer virus named as Goner is one of the fastest-spreading viruses. Anti-viruses service, MessageLabs gave warnings to delete the emails as soon as received by the user.

New Computer Virus Causes Havoc

Immediate delete of email is the only preventive measure against Goner. The virus infected email mass mail itself and destroy antivirus software on computers. It could prove extremely problematic for those who unfortunately receive it and opens the attachment.

Not only in Britain, but Goner has also hit 17 more countries. The fast-spreading virus Goner was first detected this morning in the USA. Experts believe that cybercriminals in Europe created Goner. The USA, UK, and France are the worst hit from Goner in the list of 17 countries.

Alexa Shipp, Spokesman for anti-virus service MessageLabs, said: "Goner is spreading in Britain with tremendous speed and thousands of users are already under attack.”

How Goner emails itself?

The infected email looks like a regular email with an attachment labeled as gone.scr. As the subject of mail, word "Hi" is curious enough to let users open it. Additionally, the body text reads  as follows;

“When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you. I am in a harry (sic), I promise you will love it."

Goner emails itself

Unlike other complex worms, the subject line, attachment, and message of Goner do not vary. Whenever the user doubles click on the attachment of an infected email, the email spread itself to all your contacts in address book.

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant for Sophos Anti-Virus, said;

"This virus is very suspicious and arrives unexpectedly in your inbox. The email could be from a friend, neighbor or any other person from our contact list. However, trusting on this mail can become extremely problematic.”

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Mr. Alex Shipp said,

"We had a handful of few reports about the new computer virus hit this morning. Unfortunately, it went mad in the UK this mid-afternoon. Presently, 30,000 reports are registered against the virus attack and the figure is rising."

A criminal investigation is under process while efforting hard to track down the person responsible for the Goner virus.

Previously viruses, such as Love Bug, Code Red, and the Nimda Worm attacked millions of computer users and affected many countries of the world.

As the antivirus companies have issues in blocking Goner, a user can prevent itself by deleting the email on the first sight.

Hence, scanning emails online is necessary. For this purpose,  we recommend the free malware removal tool. This tool scans all the online emails as soon as they drop into your inbox thus creating an alert against anything malicious.

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