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How to enable Reddit dark mode | Reddit night mode feature How to enable Reddit dark mode | Reddit night mode feature
News | 08/07/2018

How to enable Reddit dark mode | Reddit night mode feature

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How to enable Reddit dark mode

The native dark mode: the top-requested feature of Reddit has finally arrived.

In a recent blog, the organization has revealed that the desktop “Night Mode” subject is currently accessible to everybody after being rolled out to representatives for testing half a month back.

Reddit Dark Mode

Officially known as the Reddit Night Mode Theme, that feature is now available for both desktop site and mobile apps.

The much talked about “Night mode” offers clients a dark subject as opposed to the classic white, and it's a choice appropriate to the individuals who appreciate perusing internet late into the night.

Reddit takes note of that Night Mode is already available in its versatile local applications and the old desktop website page (employing the Reddit Enhancement Suite program expansion).

The organization's first site overhaul in the last 10 years started taking off a month ago, with a local Night Mode recorded as a "what's next" element for the days ahead.

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How to enable the Native night mode feature?

There are 2 primary methods to enable the Native Night Mode

  • From the Redesign Reddit Site
  • Using the old Reddit Site

Let’s here discuss both the methods for better understanding.

From the Redesign Reddit Site

If the Reddit's overhauled site is already active and lives for you, you can switch on or choose this Night Mode subject by tapping your username in the upper right corner.

Select the Night Mode option, and it is the third thing in the drop-down menu that flies up. Snap and toggle Night Mode "on."

Once this task is completed, your Reddit screen will change from the default white to a dark foundation—considerably friendlier on the eyes for night perusing.

Dark mode

Using the Old Reddit Site

If despite everything you are still utilizing the old Reddit site, you'll need to change to the overhaul before exploiting the Night Mode topic.

To update to the redesign, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Log into your Reddit account and then click on the Preferences tab in the top-right corner.
  2. On the Preferences page, Scroll down to the bottom under the beta options.
  3. Then check to mark the boxes stating” I would like to beta test features for Reddit” and Use the redesign as my default experience.
  4. After selecting the option, click on the Save options button and in the end refresh the page to save the changes.

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Why Night Mode?

Now that you're utilizing the new design offered by Reddit, you can use the night mode feature as well, which turns the page dark and black to influence your PC or PC to screen less splendid and more straightforward on your eyes in an obscured darkened room.

In the upper right corner, tap the little down bolt alongside your account name, touch the flip switch for Night Mode after that.

Blast, you get a dark foundation with white content that won't strain your eyes to such an extent.

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